Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Legalized Stupidity has been repealed...

Personal responsibility... fuck me in a frilly little basket with a red bow attached.

I'm not exactly sure when it started, but I can certainly narrow it down to about the time when to when stupidity started to become legal in the United States in or around the mid to late 1970s.

I take you to a case that I remember back in late 1978 or early 1979. Star Wars had taken over the nation and virtually everything culturally had to have something with a science fiction flair attached to it. ABC television had a hit TV series at the time called Battlestar Galactica and although the Star Wars campaign had the toy line completely cornered, BG wasn't going to sit idly by without at least something for the Christmas drive.

In walks the literal first major 1979 new years idiot kid disaster story. Idiot Kid (Robert Jeffery Warren) was born in 1974 (and subsequently dead) in Atlanta, GA of December 31, 1978, a terrible week after the little bastard probable raised all kinds of hell for the Battlestar Galactica toy for Christmas.

Now the news reports and papers will say the kid was 4 years old, swear up & down that the kid was old enough for the toy and how the evil toy company should have made the toy safer, when in fact, the parents should have taken RESPONSIBILITY and should have simply told the child NO.

Easily sitting down with a piece of paper to figure out a calendar would show that the child was in fact BARELY 3 years of age and probably nowhere near mature enough for the toy to begin with alone had me screaming for vengeance as a 12/13 year old kid myself. Even at that age I knew enough to just watch your brat to see if they can keep shit out of their mouth or if long enough to shut up is sufficient time enough to discern if they can keep projectiles out of their fecal grinder to merit if this kind of toy is a proper gift or a fucking death warrant.

Better yet; if you crank on their little ass in an attempt to force their silence... if the child MUST stick something in their mouth to force their own silence, then the same precautions should be maintained.  I.e., if you have to swat the child to silence them (if even for 2 minutes) and the child 'has' to stick "SOMETHING" (toy, stick, animal, their own fucking hand) in their mouth to maintain that silence... toys with removable parts of any source SHOULDN'T be given to them.  This isn't higher math for fuck's sake people!  And for the anti-spank, anti-hitting, anti-violent whatever crowd out there - go fuck yourselves.  I've got a whole "War & Peace" worth of blogs for your ass', even your doctorates; so save up.

YOUR NEED for the child's SILENCE is not a correct motive for giving a kid a more advanced toy... morons. To put this in any more terse language...  If YOU have to come to MY ass for parenting skills... Let's just say maybe it would be better to pull the hammer back on the 45 and put the thing in the crib with the child now before things get any worse...

Plus, just cause you WANT/WISH/THINK your child to be a prodigy, doesn't make it so. Thus, a toy that says “for ages four and over” may still mean your 10 year old needs to steer clear.

I'm sure the myopic few readers out there that I have, that even bothered to actually get to read my blog have probably hit the ceiling, turned & reflected internally and are probably  thinking I have finally “Themal & Louise”-ed into a nuclear nightmare of no return for attacking a dead child... For those few pasty caked shorts of you, “fuck off”...  In another avenue of thought, it's been over 30+ years ago & about the only subject heavy enough for me to use for a better than "sledgehammer' force example.  Then there is the 'not so apparent fact' that I was making ill of the parents or grandparents who put THEIR feelings ahead of the child's.

YES, “their” feelings. "THEY" wanted to feel good when the child opened the gift and squealed with delight at the toy hidden inside the wrapper. If "THEY" had a true concern "THEY" would have read the damn box and done the simple math that I spoke of about the kids age (that the idiot nurse didn't do, or plaintiff/defense lawyers either). Then THEY would have also done the addition internalizing, weighed the proper psychological profile of the child as they knew him at the time and garnered whether the imp was actually 'fit' to have a toy like that in their possession.  If so, could he be left alone with it. Sadly, hindsight has shown the world this was not to be the case.

So why bring this shit up some 30+ years later & act like I revel in rubbing the survivors noses in their loss. Hold that thought while I butter up both sides of that “fuck you” for ya...

I bring it up because I'm getting tired of the tort cases, the lawyers and most apparently the legal lottery assholes that seem to think they're going to get out of this fucked up existence by retiring for being stupid!

But I'm not talking about legitimate stupidity here. Oh hell no! I'm not talking about you bought a home that just happened to be on an ancient native American burial ground & fucking spirits come up and start eating your household pets, then leave you messages in their blood about how they want you to kill the real estate agents that sold you the house or your next... Not that shit!

I'm talking about Selective Stupidity... Cock suckers who write the rule books for the Mensa Society, looking like a line backer for the NFL, who slip in the sand paper isle of the hardware store, then start spinning a legal yarn about how they can no longer find their ass with both hands, or piss in the toilet bowl while seated, can't answer to their own name, but need their $4,982,653,301.61 check by tomorrow because they are piloting their new Gnutella satellite (made from old catheter plumbing) through a Gandolph black hole he discovered while figuring the mathematical discovery he garnered three days ago while pissing in the cloths hamper.

Yeah, OK, fine... So I took another leap with artistic license, but am I so far off as with the story of Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants?

In a nutshell, old lady Liebeck, 79, takes a trip to McDonald's and grabs a cup of coffee at the drive-thru. She puts the damn thing between her legs, one thing leads to another, spills the thing and burns her cooter. As the case read she managed to get “THIRD DEGREE” burns to bush, buns and inner thighs.

Ladies (if this blog even garners such a thing) & gentlemen, I most assuredly, as any deity may bare witness, I do indeed declare BULLSHIT!!!

You have to have COMBUSTION for third degree burns on skin... PERIOD!!! LITERAL FLAME!!! I was attached to the medical command of the United States military. I have seen enough of that shit to cover several life times, fucking fight with me all you want. Third degree = degradation of major proportions and the temperatures recorded by the restaurant for fucking coffee won't/don't get THAT hot.

Secondly... at what point do you take responsibility for your actions? In this case she could still drive a car, still count money, still form a coherent sentence and order the correct item for purchase AT A FUCKING McDONALD's no less. At the time this case came into existence you survived a great depression, two world wars, 3 major conflicts, what(?) 8/9 presidential elections, 2 careers, hippies... NOW all of the sudden you're too ignorant to keep scalding liquids out of your crotch? The 'fuck off' is strong in this one.

Have I made mistakes in my life, you bet your ass I have, but none of you shit heels out there have ever had to pay for them. Yet I have had to pay 'oh so dearly' for mine. So why do these fuck wits get preferential treatment?

More oft than not in these tort cases it's the damned lawyers that make the money than the victims anyway. Justice my ass. To quote Louis Wu (for those fans of “Ring World”) TANJ.

This even spans into our societal laws of “protect you whether you like it or not” mentality. How profound can I state “What The Fuck”!

Although grounds for another blog (or doctoral dissertation altogether) maintaining a healthy retarded baseline in our bloodline is not only damning our society it is damning our race as a whole as well (that's going to hurt).

I can hear the executioner’s needles priming right now, readying for my demise as I write this... Look, stick the moral pill up your ass for a moment and keep it warm next to your heart. I'm not talking about chug-a-lugging the Nazi sauce and wasting all the impures here... I am saying that there is something to be desired for an individual offing himself for having wrapped his meat in tinfoil, twin pronged it and then fucking an electrical outlet.

Or let's just be hateful and throw in a pedophile. But not just an individual that has been a victim of earlier abuse. I'm talking about a raging, flaming advocate of hot squeezing vegetable oil, lathered little boy raping, micronization of the law twisting individual who uses everything imaginable to validate his existence to defile children & robbing them of their childhood kind of pedophile.

Now, with that huge moral pillow safely tucked away in your ass, don't you think society and humanity as a whole just might evolve a little bit better without these assholes fucking up the batter? Not that I entirely care, but I'll leave it up to you from here. Sure, I just painted a picture of two virtually polar opposite people, one obviously a detriment to themselves alone and probably not to any one else, but are either representative really 'giving' anything 'back' to... well... anything?  Equally, putting myself on the block...  some of you fucks could say the same of me.

I say the definer is simply Responsibility. That's what it all boils down to. I wish it were simple. Like a light switch or the damned binary code that we've come so damned dependent on for our computerized shit these days, but obviously it isn't. Yet look around at our animal companions that we so vehemently deny our lineage to (not all of us, just play along).

You know, the squall-age bullshit whiners that want to say, “we're not animals!!!” while beating their chests, hide behind closed doors, chugging wine coolers, beating their child wives & kids and porking untreated barnyard animals with his inbred buddies on weekends after a bender, but not too late because he has to deliver the sermon tomorrow morning. Those fucking assholes don't get to vote and are probably in need of a bit of that eradication process that I'm talking about. If nothing more, just disallow breeding privileges and fucking fade away...

The animal kingdom they squawk about has more in common with binary systems than we ever will though. You don't see Fluffy fucking over Mittens for controlling stock of the water bowl do you? And don't get some condescending idea of pushing your 'HUMAN' mentality and emotional conditioning into the cat's thought processes here either.

I'm talking Fluffy is thirsty. Mittens is laying in front of the water dish because the sun happens to be hitting the floor there. Reality states and displays that Fluffy will literally stand on Mittens, get a drink and then fuck off. Mittens probably won't even stir more than enough to see who's blocking the sun.

No hording, blockading, contracts, mergers, insider trading, back stabbing, murder, rape... and sadly, if a kitten (or any other 'animal' for that matter) is incapable of suckling, its allowed to die in its sleep. Thus the earth has continued to rotate and perpetuate into the strong creative existence that it has.  Except humanity.  We're not going to burn ourselves out of existence...  we're going to retard ourselves out.

Get to the point Russ...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against materialism. I'm not for euthanizing every asshole that breaks the speed limit either. I am however in favor of slapping a monetary fine of double the amount asking price on the lawyer and plaintiff of a tort toting asshole looking for legal lottery payoff. I.e., Bob is suing the U.S. Postal service for knocking over his mail box for the tune of $100K because he can't get a hardon anymore due to the fact his impending Clearinghouse Sweepstakes entry 'might have been in the mail that week that the mail box was tore up.

Granted, Bob never stopped getting his mail, but Bob's an asshole with easy street on his horizon, so what the fuck right? Not to mention there's enough sleazebag fucking ambulance chasers out there too keep us all on our toes as it is right?

My world... Just for filing the papers for this kind of shit... Bob gets a nice little $200K bite to his nut sack & can be a greeter at Wally World till he drops. For the lawyer's part in this bullshit, seeing as he probably had his sights set higher, he/she can give birth to a much bigger calf of $400K.

The court systems... for their continued sins and allowing this bullshit in the past will take the revenues from these and 1. purchase body bags for the corpses of the Wally-droppers and pay for the morgue's over time. It's going to take a while for some of these pricks to get the idea to stop this legal-lottery shit. 2. Forcibly use the revenue to actually promote exemplary representation of pro bono cases. But that's fuel for another topic, for another time...

Thus, I propose at least ONE (1) step toward a SOCIETY taking responsibility  for its actions.  It doesn't seem to have a problem with forcing me to take responsibility for mine.   How about you?


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  9. Muffled hush falls over the crowd...

    I told you guys... Leave the damned political debate bullshit in your closet next to your baby oil and blood stained dildos along with all your other shameful stuff you don't or shouldn't want other's to know about.

    Folks will just get their feelings hurt.

    Russell's Rules for those who are just reading...