Monday, May 9, 2011

Sony & Sodomy... Guess what they have in common?

Sony has done it again folks. Not only have they bilked the public out of millions of dollars of hard earned money for proprietary technology, but now they're trying to draw fire from their security debacle onto a hacking organization by the name of “Anonymous”.

Long story short, this alone sounds like an Abbott & Costello skit gone to the corporate annals into the court rooms ready for prime time C-SPAN.

Sony Lawyers : Your honor we believe we know who has been hacking into our impenetrable server network and stolen our... sorry, the client's sensitive financial information.

Stuck-up hi brow Judge: That's good Sony assholes and who might that be...

Sony Lawyers : That's Anonymous your Honor...

Stuck-up: Might I remind you that you're in a court of law and that in order to make good in staving off prosecution against those suing for losing those financial records you must relinquish the breaching party?

Sony Lawyers : Yes, of course your honor and as we have already stated, they are Anonymous.

Stuck-up: So when will the court have their names?

Sony Lawyers : They haven't been apprehended yet your honor. The group has only just announced their involvement in breaching the server.

Stuck-up: So what is the group's name?

Sony Lawyers : They are Anonymous your honor...

Stuck-up: I swear to god, I will hold the whole gyotdamn company in contempt if I hear you say anonymous one more time!

When in fact it seems that the root of the whole thing is a misnomer.

Anonymous did indeed hack into Sony's Playstation Network servers a while back and shut them down, but it was in protest to how they were treating a boisterous hacker by the tag name of Geohot.  But this had nothing to do with financial records, at all.

Not that Geohot is even remotely special, but apparently he is an outspoken individual like every other fuck-wit teenager of this generation that stands on the shoulders of every other thinker and worker before him. He borrows the work left over or disposed of from a project that did or didn't work in the world of software and then lends it into another in hopes of it working to the ends of another project.

Unlike Thomas, Fucked-up Asshole, rip you the fuck-off Edison did for years and made riches at it, Geohot didn't hurt anyone. He simply figured out a way to make the PS3 game console use different software, make it play burnt software and a couple of other things & where other guys that are a FUCK load smarter than him ran off with it and made the PS3 do infinitely more. This pissed Sony off so they started suing him.

Like every gyotdamn teenager, generation fuck-up of the 'now', he doesn't know how to shut up when the going is "going is getting good" and things started to heat up. Sony (as always) believes they own the human race, in contrast, Geohot thinks Sony owes him... fuck, I don't have a clue what the hell this ignorant kid is thinking & I have a pretty good idea unless he has his prick in his hand, he hasn't an immediate clue what he's thinking either. Like every other spoon fed, hollow, egg shell ego of the last couple generations, these assholes think they're bullet proof and their ideas, although virtually 85% built from another's toil, is claimed as their own (refer back to Thomas Edison).

History lesson swinging along, hackers and sympathizers alike rallied behind this fuck-wit (for what I will admit is a valid reason) in the form of donations for legal fees and email/forum support. Not what I would call the sit-ins and protests seen on college campus' of the 60's & 70's during the Vietnam era, but every generation needs their own Woodstock I suppose.

Then along came this group “Anonymous”... at the time of this blog about 3 to 4 weeks ago, they had proclaimed globally and to Sony that they were going to breach their server network and for “the” very reason of violating Geohot's civil rights and those echoed onto the rest of their customers as well.

Geohot's sin to society and Sony is apparently having found a software solution to allow the Playstation version 3 game console to accept older programming so that it will allow not only homemade games, but also be able to play games that 'you' (the consumer) are allowed to back-up (in the USA anyway)

Without getting/going into the whole debate over what “COULD” be done with copy-written material, but it's Sony and Apple's (and any other corporate asshole software or fucking “intellectual property” conglomerate) throwing an insanity shit storm, rattlesnake saber chase and legal tort fiasco against the world over “WHAT COULD BE”.  So I don't want to hear shit about piracy, the probability of selling or ANY of the downloading possibilities.

However, you have absolutely got to be shitting me when you tell me that Corporate America now gets to sue and prosecute individuals (and one other apparently) over “potential” illegal implications. The fucking “Minority Report” is out and we're all about to serve life sentences for our crimes folks. Be on the look out folks, Sony or Steve Jobs is about to serve a summons on your ass.

If you didn't pay attention to the title of this article you might want to now... so, do you now know what Sony and sodomy seem to have in common? With a little 'letter' play it seems to me “MY MONEY” is one glaring acronym for sure. The other reference is a plain abuse implying ass rape of the highest order.

I've already attacked Sony & Steve for other reasons LINK, so I won't waste any more on that. Where I'm going with this is Sony's current childish attempt at damage control.

Like BP, Sony took the low road to security and safety controls & got bit in the ass. True to their word Anonymous did indeed breach the Playstation Network and take down the game servers, much to their dismay & realization (hopefully) that this display of aggression actually fell onto the consumers/gamers instead of the CEOs or controlling “bean counters”.  Obviously, I've bitched about these guys hitting the wrong people in the past.

But as recent events would have it, Sony's lawyers (and money) made sure that they 'said' the right thing & publicly called Anonymous out as being the 'possible' thieves to the 100K client information stamps. Cute Sony, real fucking cute.

Not only has Sony repeatedly lied about security problems with the PSN gaming servers alone, but I have reason to believe that there has been a problem with Sony's “entire” security system governing their internet access and consumer base. I base this simply on my original Sony blog analysis, Bank Sodomy, and the whole 80s generation social economical mutation (based on the “fuck it, you bought it” mentality), not to mention Sony's relentless adherence to their business model since sales caught in in the US in the early 60's. So instead of taking their system off-line, spending the money you take in and repairing the damn thing like you're supposed to; they continue to maintain course, holding on by a thread and hope that nothing happens. Just like everything else, the levies in New Orleans, the safety cap on the oil rig off the coast of Florida and now the damned Sony servers, the damned thing fails...

And JUST like Watergate, instead of admitting fault, digging in their heals, throwing down a shit load of cash and fixing the problem ASAFP: No, instead they pissed and bitched, “SPIN” (AKA lying their ass off), drew the fire of blame onto the wrong group, lied that there was a problem at all (how do we know there isn't a stupid conspiracy surrounding lost accounts done INTERNALLY...?). 

So saying that, I would like to make this outlandish statement...

I think "Sony" is the one that has actually violated the client security. I say someone in their own company has actually stolen their own client information and has made off with it.

I know, I've gone against my own ethics and possibly fallen backward into a pile in my own shit called conspiracy. But is it so outlandish that Sony would use its own resources (money, power and influence) to throw the FBI off for a few days so they could do their own internal investigation and attempt to solve, prosecute and implement their own solution before the public as a whole can invoke their own class action suit. Greed money has bought bigger fandango messes in the past, why would this be any different?

At the moment Sony thinks they can buy off their consumer base by offering a free ID blocking service, but I haven't (as of this posting) yet seen the proper link or a proper email link to get the service due me (cause I am also one of those customers email alerted that my account was stolen).

I just consider myself a bit smarter than the average bear in that I don't give out all my information on the game servers or any other “FREE” anything. Including those 'scan' cards for grocery cards, gas, weasel food, you name it.

Let's be honest. You don't need to know where I live, my phone number, what hand I wipe my ass with and the same goes for me with regards to information about you. So what the FUCK makes you think Sony, Steve Jobs, Microsoft, Shell or any other Fortune 500 organization needs to know shit about me?

I'll tell you what... They can have all the information about me when they come over to my house and bring me full disclosure about themselves and their company activities as well. We'll do lunch.

In closing... Sony... You can't control me, so stop trying. Dumb asses. Fix your shit and produce what the masses want; otherwise get out of the business. Same goes for you Steve. I'm not your bitch.  Fucking whiner.

Anarchists... Assholes! Pick the correct targets for your wrath, you fucking idiots! If you're going to be the next Robin Hood ACT like you actually got an education! You fucking idiots! I feel bad for these poor rebels over in Libya trying to throw Moammar Gadhafi out of power. They have the fighting spirit, but they don't realize that fighting your ass into a capital city doesn't mean shit if you don't have a plan for keeping it. Like a wise man told me, “Think of what you're going to say before you say it.”

You idiots want to make your own decisions, great. Go for it. Just remember a few things first. In a complete anarchist environment; does your dumb ass know how to make bread, smelt lead & make gun powder for bullets, know how to remove an appendix and could you kill another before they kill you because this is also one to two steps shy of an atmosphere of what you seem to think might be so cool.

Make your attack on the individuals who are "THE" root of the problem.  I understand you may have to get rid of a couple of foot soldiers, but make gyotdamn sure you're still aimed at the prize.  But if you're not sure...  Damnit!!!  Don't Do IT!!!


  1. Hackers, post trolls and SEIU all have the same thing in common...

    They're brain dead from the ankles up- they are all fucking zombies to the same anarchistic call.

    Oh, they "think" and act all "living and all" but like the zombies from Dawn of the Dead- they wander half-aimlessly to the shopping mall because someone told them to or they have an instinctual need to attack something that might have chewy brains waiting for them.

    They have no aim- no goal [other than rending and mauling their appointed subject into blood drenched chum-chunks] to their attacks; all they know is that something disturbs, angers or otherwise catches their attention and that it needs to be eviscerated as gruesome and completely as possible.

    What makes it even worse is there's no actual "exchange of ideas" that takes place- it's either beatings, hacks, throw-downs or rhythmic jungle chants to which anyone trying to interject are simply consumed into the morass of flagellating arms and blind stares and moans of the drones.

    The "Big Bad Business" Elites think that because they have smoking jackets and private lavatory keys that they somehow have superior abilities to tell us all what to do is no less vapid than the ECV driving, mu-mu wearing, 10 cat powered, Parliament chain-smoking she-bitch of the SS sporting her welt-purple SEIU t-shirt can sneer.

    Both are equally soulless and have no interest in what the person next to them brings to the table unless it somehow strokes their ego or lines their pockets.

    Now- is that EVERYBODY? Don't be fucking obtuse- no, of course not. But it IS too many people out there that want to tell us what to think what to say what to do- "PC" anyone? Sharia Law, anyone?

    Sony thinks they know what the public wants or what's best for them- alright, I'd agree to that- same thing with SJ, BG and MM- no argument.

    But don't think for a second that union bosses [talk about parasitic vermin that get paid to do nuthin'] have their due-paying populace's best interests at heart... If the union doesn't get what it wants- who's the head getting cracked on the picket line- Andy Stern? Fuck No! It's that poor twit barely making above poverty that started 4 years ago that DOES believe in unified individuals [read as "independent thinkers"] working for a common good that gets trampled when the "free" hot dogs and beer gets passed around.

    You, me- the guy with a push-mower lawn care job down the street, the lady with her own florist shop- we're muddling along, doing our best and hopefully making a difference in the world- whatever small way that may be...

    But the bigger the group gets, and the more fouled with zombie moans it becomes, the smaller your original message and intent becomes and the less impact such a voice would ever make...

    "Darin- where are you when we need yah?!"


  2. PS-

    Shit- that should have said...

    "DARWIN- where are you when we need yah?"

  3. Uuuhm... was I supposed to argue with you here?

    I even hear you with the unions. Once upon a time when the land was fertile with the shit being beaten out of the labor of the foully treated, the unions were a necessity, but like all good things, the shit-kids had to fuck it all up!

    Again, some motherfucker just had to have a paycheck for doing nothing and it had to be a shit-load of money on top of it.

    Another form of taxation without representation with the benefit of sodomization. Then fucking giggle like we're supposed to like it.

    I suppose I'm bitching about drowning from drinking in the wishing well and choking on worfing down huge bites of the wish sandwich...

    Facts are... we need smaller groups. Bigger groups can't keep the zombies at bay and you lose swinging room. Not to mention people get caught in the cross fire.

  4. Little "light reading" for you- Google some asshole named Edward Louis Bearnaise- not the sauce making cocksucker- the marketing guru from the late 19th and early 20th century.

    This mutherfucker was the one that COINED the term PROPAGANDA!

    He, along with President Woodrow Wilson, witch's cunt Margaret Sanger and poet, writer George Bernard Shaw were academic elitist pricks that believed they knew better than the average man what he/she needed more than that individual.

    Get this- Bearnaise- CREATED the "bacon & eggs breakfast" back in the LATE 1930s! Until then- it NEVER existed!

    By the time the Nazis rolled out their propaganda war machine and started carving up the poor Jews [and Italians, Americans that got in the way, the Gypsies- well, fuck the gypsies...] Bearnaise simply switched things around and called his "manipulation of the sheople's opinion "PUBLIC RELATIONS".

    The whole "college idiot" scene you and I saw through back in the 80s was propagated back when Grandpa was an older kid or young adult.

    Walter Lippman- same kind of deep dark ever consuming asshole drank from such fetid stank water.This cocksucker wrote the book on how to present news so that your slant could be added to it to make the public believe what you wanted them to believe.

    It's little wonder that shitheals like Sony and the rest have taken us down a road we don't want to travel because we've seen how the story has played out once [or twice] before.


  5. Which is the "whole" reason I have such disdain & hatred for those thriving in academia.

    A wonderland of what "should be", entitlement and euphoric tiny dicks. The halls choked with gagging throngs of asinine idiots fetid with not only their own excrement, but that of others that won't buy their bullshit either, who perilously quote works of assholes so inconsequentially known that they were whispered by a professor on his death bed & taken as having some kind of meaning that this should somehow bestowed great intellectual insight and allow entitlements & riches on this asshole.

    So now that this shit creature can recite this worthless trivia verbatim, it somehow makes him better than one of us?

    Far be it for me to slam education. An education is NEVER wasted. But maintaining pure schlock, hate, bullshit surprise mantra? It has a cost. Obviously, this statement leaves itself open for debate (history repeating & that type of ilk) and you do need information to juxtapose some things against, I get it.

    I'm just tired of seeing good people getting treated like shit and the shit people getting treated like like gold. It's making me want to take up a position in a clock tower or something. (It's just a statement!!! Stand down government alphabet soup, damn. I'm on your side...)