Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden bites the big one!

OK, other than pissing off the rest of the world, who else in the global theater DIDN'T know Osama Bin Laden was sittin his pretty, closet loathing, dressed like a school girl, little faggity ass was in Pakistan?


Come on, there has got to be a few takers out there!?! Being a complete and utter, self proclaimed chowder fucking moron on politics myself I have no idea what Pakistan has hanging over the US' head that would keep us from going in and at least looking for the 6' 4” flaming pedophile and his henchmen. I mean do they have Photo-shopped pix of the last 6 presidents fucking goats or something? Not that Pakistan isn't throwing the worlds largest demonstrative shit fit right now, but they sure aren't "eat the fuck up" about Bin-bin being lit up like a Christmas tree either.

Personally I would like to know what Bin-bin did to piss the Paki's off to let our boys in to piss on the Play-goat mansion.  Yeah, their bitching about "not trusting them enough" to let them in on the game plan, but...

First off, my hat goes off to the movers & shakers who pulled the mission off. I give fuck all to the people reporting the news. This coming from an education with the boys I hung out with (several years ago)... Let's just say the operation would have had to have taken two teams on the US front, one land based, one sea based and I can almost guarantee there was help from our brothers on the SAS front as well. The land boys KNOW their helicopters. The sea boys KNOW their extractions. SAS just plain KNOW.

If I knew you & saw you at the pub, there would be a round on me, but seeing as these things never get notarized... just know I salute you.

Now for the English-ish FUCK that came on opposite Wolf Blitzer late on CNN to report. First, Journalism 101 - just report on the information that you acquired and get your ass off the air you pompous FUCK! Your little commentary within your report by stating that “US” forces went in and “assassinated” Bin Laden is a load of horse shit and YOUR politics is a butt-plug for you & your boyfriend only. As stated above, it was a collaboration. Your pussy ass was obviously NEVER in the military, so you don't know shit about an established perimeter or mega paranoid terrorist fucks. I'll finish your lesson in a minute...

Wolf, you long winded, arrogant, love to listen to your own voice, past your prime, twisted meat, need to retire, Margaritaville moronic FUCK... of all the times you NEED to twist somebodies balls off WHY DIDN'T YOU DO IT THEN!!! This little cock sucker sits there and called your brethren assassins and you skim over it like you're going to blow him after the show. What's the matter with you? Was it past your bedtime or something? Damnit! Your a professional or were supposed to be!

Now For “'MY'” take on the mission... I 'think' the guys had a LOT of shit to do, NO time to do it in, little or no help from the locals in the area and a less than 20% of getting the motherfucker out alive anyway. BUT despite Nick “the DICK”, Mr. Assassin of the Ass, fuck-ball late night CNN might think, these guys went in with the attitude of bringing his MAMBLA lusting ass out alive. Don't think for an instant that we as a society didn't want to parade his ass around on a media public forum for the fucking crimes he has committed. Fuck Mr. Nick Prick. Assassination... in your mouth you ideological piss ant.

And don't give me this shit about our Spec Ops not having the discipline either. Just because I can verbally beat the shit out Nicky-boo-boo here doesn't mean I would lay a finger on him. Dogs of war & combat are in a constant fluid state. Nothing is 100%. It IS NOT under control. Only portions of the situation are under control & you are only in control of your own person. I have said it before in my blogs, you CAN NOT control the human condition, you can only control your own actions. To which I formally invite Nick to again fornicate himself in the privacy of whatever venue suffices himself at the given moment with whatever vice suits him at this very instance.

So Bin Laden has all this money and he relocates to a multi million dollar mansion with no trash service or internet. What, did they rotate the Asian boys and goats out for his dates? Did they even bother with water either? I mean this son of a bitch moves into a mansion and he still wipes his ass with his left hand, what the fuck is wrong with this picture?

Personally, I would like to know what the real meaning behind his riches are and the meaning behind his diatribe for offing the communists. I have a watered down reason for his loathing for the US. The whole 'half naked women, drugs, crime, blah, blah, blah...' that's all the poor terrorist's bullshit “excessive American asshole living” excuse to get an oppressed individual to die for 'his' cause, but what's Bin-bin's real colon cookie reason?

Guess we won't know now. Not that I'm going to lose any sleep though. Sure I could Wikipedia all that shit, but how much of that shit is made up too? Other than a few interviews how is anyone to really know? He didn't write a book. Everyone else, like the bible, is going to have the propensity to blow their writings out of proportion or misrepresent it one direction or another.

I caught blips of an interview with an individual who had some extended contact with Bin-bin who basically said he was full of shit. Yes, I took some liberty... He was kind and professional. I'm short and have no time for pleasantries. But what I gleaned from the interview was that Bin-bin was nothing more than another over educated rich fuck (via mummy & duddy's money , fuck-tard never worked a day in his life), got a taste of titty & asshole fucking in his far over abundance of free time and derived a mantra.

Basically, given his finances, he bought power, friends & a following. He took a simple religious faith, listened to a couple of radical assholes, ran with his own radical idealism, did what other assholes with too much money & time do (listen up Donald Trump)... He Started To Believe In His Own Bullshit!

Going off on my own tangent (I have no money, so we're all safe), I can only assume that his bullshit bled over into other terrorist organizations (we call them cults here) and it grew exponentially. Impressionable kids started to gather, other young, educated minds got into the mix and now you have a nuclear fuck cake waiting to happen.

Now how the opium trade feed into this mess; your guess is as good as mine. Did/does Bin-bin have anything to do with any of it? His bullshit religious front would lead you to believe 'no', but instigating the slaughter of 4000+ innocent people, where does the contradiction end?

Pakistan!!! Quit acting like you didn't know this motherfucker was living in your back yard. We are tired of your lying asses already. You feeble minded fucks... If we found his ass hiding in a dusty ass cave eating out of a boiled goats ass wearing a 10 year old boy on his dick and his great uncle was wearing him like and old glove; the whole mess looking like a weird Russian Bin Laden doll, then we might have believed you...

He was in a multi MILLION dollar home... In an affluent neighborhood of retired army and police chiefs... A place that fucking BRAGGED about how they knew who, what, where, when, why, how about everything and everywhere there was in the criminal community when it came to... well criminal and military shit.

So you're going to tell us that this silly bastard 'just slipped in' in the middle of the night some four years ago & you fuckers had no clue as to who it was? And that you had no idea why the most expensive house in town had no internet or trash removal (probably some other oddities as well), but you idiots didn't look into that either.

Let me see... Looks like dog shit, smells like dog shit, feels like dog shit, sounds like dog shit, tastes like dogs shit... Hey!!! It's cake!!!

Give me a fucking break. The whole gyotdamn town above the age of 16 should be bent over, bare assed and striped with a belt, three times for having told that lie and charged $100. Humiliation, damn it. I'm tired of this shit. The proceeds go to castrating the idiot assholes that don't educate the females, burn out all the opium fields, level 50% of the mountainous areas into bottom land to grow wheat and vegetables: another 10% into schools.

Piss and bitch if you want to, it's ethical if you're proactive with the ideas first. Moral and radical if you find yourself being reactive.

As for Bin Laden, well, his ass is gone now. Nothing more the US can really do with him but one last thing. Some will argue with my resolve, but I say it's ethical, not radical.

Cremate his ass. Then mix him up with some of the finest Angel Dust the government has lying around. In one last fling, get all the wannabe martyrs for the cause and 'his' followers to gather up for one last glimpse at their hero. The Taliban, Al Quida, Bum Fucha, whomever else out there has an axe to grind with the US & let them line up and we get them to 'toot-up' ol' Bin-bin in a “Stranger in a Strange Land” style; allow them to “grok” him up.

BOOM!!! They're all licking weasel assholes and sucking soda from hollowed out worm carcasses for the rest of their lives while humping one another in spooge covered classic virgin delight thinking they delivered Bin-bin to his 78 virgins; or whatever the fucking count is this week. Nobody's killed, no bloodshed. Sounds to me they're happy; at least for this story they are. Some 911 survivors could rent a couple of the terrorists out as window cleaners as the drooling fuckers will lick their windows relentlessly clean for hours with delight as a form of closure.

Am I a sick bastard? By some definition, probably, but laughter does cure some illness. Bin Laden's demise won't bring the folks back that he instrumented the deaths of, but to some I hope it will end their suffering.

The Pakistani pricks didn't help in their endeavor to help elongate his life either. To them I can only ask: If you're so fucking worried about our “Sooooo fragile relationship”, then why did/are you lying like a fucking rug about everything we ask you? You ignorant fucking child! We WILL catch you in every fucking lie, so stop trying. You're not any good at it!

But a word of warning folks...  Don't sleep too soundly quite yet.  Bin-bin may be gone, but his bottom feeders are still out there.  Cowards they may be, but desperate they may become.
Stay vigil.


  1. The Paki's are reeeeal quick to piss and moan about our "trust issues" when it comes to military operations- but the whole "We didn't know OBL was heeeere" is ultimate bold faced bullshit of the highest order.

    They've been either allowing or outright helping the cocksucker live in downtown Paki since 2004.

    I say it's time to pull the plug on this bolus bowl- get our men and women out of that theater of operation- pull back to Israel if necessary [THE smallest Republic in the Middle East] pull out of Europe, close the borders and tell the rest of the world to fuck itself militarily.

    Sure- do business with them. World trade is good for everybody.

    Oil? Fuck you- we got our own.
    Military Aid? Fuck you- you turn our own weapons on us as it is.
    "United" Nations- Get the fuck outta my house!

    There are those Dippy Hippy red doper pap filled 3rd year college idiots that'll say "Thaaaat's Isolationist!"

    Well- cocksmoke, "Isolationist" is a cute little Progressive Commi term for what Sweden [one of the Commi Utopian pleasure islands] has been doing for decades. Here's the chance to put money next to mouth.

    But that's what they DON'T want- Progressives want PERSONAL CONTROL- INDIVIDUAL CONTROL- they want a fucking European socialist or Russian Communist model of government because they didn't get enough of Mommy and Daddy's nurturing and butt wiping back in their youths.

    Progressives either want to control what we say think and do or they want their ass wiped or their diaper changed- little else.


  2. I tend to agree with your "pull out" agenda. I have been with the 'boys' and we're tired of being the police force for the world.

    Everybody wants us to get the bully off their ass when they're getting the shit kicked out of them, then they want to bitch about how we do it. They want a cock sandwich, but want to cry about the taste of cock... I'm fucking tired of the piss babies...

    I think you need to step back a bit on the world trade comment though as the only trading we're doing is sending all the fucking jobs and commodities over seas. Nobody buys shit from us. We're so out-sourced everything that we have suger-fucked ourselves into a diabetic financial state.

    Take a look at my next blog as a small insight to what that rant is about. But I do agree, we have fed everybody to the point that no one know how to fish and now they bitch that they don't want fish anymore.

    Maybe a stint of isolationism would do the whole world some good for a while. Including ourselves. Even our society could use some "nutting & shutting up" of our own...

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  4. Aaaaaw- wittle "New World Order" can't come and pway?

    WTF did he say?

    I say "Give Torture a Chance!" it worked for OBL!


  5. Nah, As I have posted in Russell's Rules, I will not, nor ever will, cater to the onslaught of pure conspiracy.

    I gave New World the benefit of the doubt and watched their video and found it to be pure pretentious shit. Full of conjecture, half truths and innuendo. None of the individuals of their organization give me an indication that they were in the military & have the slightest idea what OpSec means; so the obvious thought of keeping things in the proper order of events or using the slightest inkling of common sense is beyond these guys.

    Frankly, I simply won't support it.

    Desperately trying to relate incoherent, unrelated news reports together and 'make' them sound like a CIA plot to nuke the middle east "MIGHT" make for a book.

    Last time I looked, my all time record for views was a whopping 227. I'm not a world publishing franchise, nor a marketing wonder. I'm NOT wasting what "oh so little" anything on getting people to read my slander on people listening to this meteoric super nova shit.

    If these assholes bothered to read my 3LD blog they "MIGHT" have learned the secret to proper propaganda. Instead, they followed the same tried & lied script that every other fuck-up out there has and now they get to look like blathering, glass licking pedophiles like the rest of those idiots.