Monday, March 28, 2011

ETHICS... and the apparent lack there of.

OK, so I'm a long winded bitch.  I don't need 6.5 billion people telling me that; world population ought to be getting there, barring any other natural disasters.

My wife and kids remind me of it every gyotdamn day.  I'm sure some of my other family members would too if I had more than semi-annual contact with them.  That's not a complaint, just a mention in passing...

Anyway, Ethics...  I think it deserves to be capitalized. It used to have a place in higher learning. It used to be mandatory education across the board and if failed, you didn't graduate. Basically it made “YOU” a failure.

Have I got you thinking now?  Maybe I've got you a little pissy? Good.  Most folks don't even know what the definition of Ethics is.  Most of you reading that last sentence didn't even recognize the fact I wrote it incorrectly.

No, that's not a shot at your education or intelligence, so put away your best Sunday pissing shoes (you don't stand a chance anyway).  Russell's Rules

You're all grown-ups and know how to read a dictionary, so you can get that bland catch-all definition for yourself.  Here's a good run-for-your-money definition of what Ethics really ARE...

Think of it as a religion/philosophy. What!?!  Bear with me... Not the kind of mantra, sit, stand, kneel, pray, sing, confess, fall over, baptize, beat on chairs, knock on doors, fish on Fridays... not that.   It's far more simple than that.

You're watching two kids on the playground. None of this, “I turned my back for two seconds...” shit either; and one child hits the other child. [shut your hole and keep reading hippie] The opposite child smacks the child in turn and the situation defuses itself.

Ethically, should you intervene at this point? By every standard that I have studied and been subjected to in my life, the answer is no. The kids had figured it out and continued playing. Buddha said harmony had been reached. It had to go to a place of negativity, but it got there and got resolved.

Different situation, (true story) my family is living in a shit hole managed by a slumlord owned by Charles Glover of Circle Property Management Inc. in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area (possible adtl locals in ILL, GA, TN, SC), you might want to apply the steel-wool technique I spoke of in the last blog before (Banks & Child Sodomy) confronting this guy if you have hiccups in you finances. He's a pussy, he'll hide behind his lawyers and he has no ETHICS.

The tenement went with the roof basically gone for 6 months (into & past Christmas), mold & other problems, as well as other tenants suffering into subzero temperatures with broken heaters only to be given a space heater & told to wait it out till Monday (a couple with a new born).

Speaking for myself, I missed one (1) months rent and had a problem getting it back to him. Frankly, as of this writing he still doesn't have it [more in a second].

Myself & approximately two dozen neighbors were given big red nasty-grams on our doors displaying the violations (large enough that you could read it from the street) and the ultimatum to pay-up in 5 days or be sued in civil court (which if you didn't know can suffer huge monetary penalties that you'll never get out from under).

Conspiracy aside, this IS truth; my particular area IS rife with corruption (I know, how can I say ours is any more than any other) and my legal representation was no benefit whatsoever, so I was still sued. Even with pictorial and argumentative proof, I am still paying (albeit over time) what the original legal injunction was for. Is this “Fair”? Ethics.

Neglecting me, what about the poor folks that endured that winter with the newborn? The others coerced into paying whatever bloated payment or illegal eviction ploy Chucky pulled out of his ass? He has the money and knows they don't in order to hire lawyers from outside the are to prosecute the shit out of him as I guarantee he is in violation of deposit laws. Yet it still boils down to Ethics.

You can't hide from Ethics cause it's been there since your first cognitive memory and it has remained with you. Here's how I know...

Remember back when your folks told your little ass to stay in your room and you took one step out... that feeling in the pit of your stomach: Ethics. Not God, not Vishnu, not the planets aligning... Ethics. Good old fashioned, right from fucking wrong and you fucking new it then. 

When your folks hollered at you about staying in your room... the very instant you said, “You didn't say I couldn't stand in the door.”  You challenged Ethics.  Oh, you knew that was bullshit, even then, but you were going to try it anyway.  Maybe your folks made a smirk and let you out & you "thought" you got away with it or they busted your ass and you learned that was not the way Ethics was to be treated.

Reminds me of how I felt it in the gyotdamn courtroom when I was being sodomized by the judge and the lawyers & the looks on all of their faces.  Brings me back to the time I worked with the proper people who specialized in 'detecting', you know, the one's who lie. Liers, especially the good one's, know when they've been caught. Ethics.

Jesse Ventura was running a fun show there for a while based on the conspiracy theory motif. I'm sure by themselves some of the facts were a bit perplexing. But one show I was most pissed had to do with the Wall Street crash and the fat cats he had crammed in a room.

These high dollar fucks are in there blathering about whatever (makes no difference to me), but what struck me was when Ventura mentioned something about ETHICS. That's when the fattest cock swiller sat up with self righteous, unmitigated gall and had the nerve to tell Ventura (something to the effect), “then they need to put laws into effect...”...ETHICS.

Seeing as how all those folks lost their money, no retirement, still no one in jail. Fuck religion. No one ever fell on their sword for religion. Ethics, or maybe I should say HONOR. I've heard of many a brave soul taking or loosing a life for such a thing there.

Why does there have to be a "rule book"?  Fuck you!!!  Telling a two year old not to stick his finger in the cats ass bears needing told.  A 16 year old needs his ass knocked clean off (yes, that literal)!!!  I love to drive 100mph and over.  I'll admit it.  But I'm not so fucking stupid to do it in a school zone and in a Honda Prius!!!   It's Ethics are not context for here and debatable for later, but suffice to say that my intent is not to inflict damage on anyone (including myself, you'll just have to roll with that for now).

What am I trying to say in all this? Is my abuse of profanity just as un-Ethical? We can get into that a bit later (and we will), but my point is this: Black is black, white is white and AT TIMES (oh so few times) there is a blending into gray. I profess this, just what is gray? To which I reply, a mix of white and black. The mix being either a stronger concentration of white or black.

“Oh, but Russell, what if it is an equal mix of the both?”

Folks, that's bullshit. It'll never happen. We're human. We can get it real close and we can fool most people, but nobody is perfect. Trust me, it's one side or the other. Throw that blind legal bitch of ours at it if your so sold on her. You know, the one holding the scale. Because I will guaran-fucking-tee that thing will NEVER, EVER swing balanced. Someone wins and someone hangs on that thing. And they have the audacity to go through the halls of court & legal schools and talk of such things as Ethics.

We need to stop the wining and sniveling.  We ALL know what is right and wrong.  We have all allowed things to get muddied up or been bullshitted into buying one thing only to get it home and find that once unboxed it's another.  Problem is we can't take it back.

Keep this in mind as we delve into my world throughout my run as I'll be using it to prove my point quite often. Chances are a LOT of you folks aren't going to like it either. But then where would free speech be if I didn't help defend it?

Until next time... It's going to be a bumpy ride!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bank's are out to sodomize your kids!!!

OK, so I took some liberty with the title of this blog, but I don't think I am that far off target...  I mean, should we ask Sherman to set the 'way-back machine' that far back to remember Bernie Madoff's little $50 billion butt fucking?

I'm not going to sit here and try to disprove every self professed economical PHD into thinking I hold the answer. Nor am I some silly bastard 'touched by divinity' with the ability of clairvoyance and convince you fine folks that everything is going to be alright. In fact, by my calculations & best educated guess; everything is going to explode into an utterly huge fiery ball of shit! Sorry if you had plans for dinner with the president (be it Bubba from the manure plant or the president of whatever country, pick the hierarchy of your choice), as of the last few years I haven't been invited to any formal functions; so I'm pretty much prepared for any earthly demise.

Taking a moment - For a few of the little cock biters out there that felt the last sentence seemed to contradict itself (I direct your attention to Russell's Rules), I offer this bit of information:  I'm not a soothsayer...  In saying that I foresee the earth as being destroyed by our hand (or being less inhabitable by today's standards) is by understanding common sense and Sherlock Holmes process of illumination.

Proof of concept that the earth is going to be destroyed (not worth living on) & your bank is out to sodomizing your kids. Two great tastes that taste great together. I didn't make the add campaign back in the 70's, I'm just quoting it here... Psychological Operations stated, that so long as you keep a lie within 3 levels of purported truth, the intended 'victim' will maintain the story as being true. [A concept we'll be visiting quite a bit throughout my run]

Thus – Fact, lie, lie, lie, return to Fact must = truth – so long as each layer of the the lie following the initial fact supports said 'Fact', then the story will be believed. This is what the ignorant conspiracy fucks can't seem to get through their thick skulls. Those cock suckers just want to impress someone with the fact that they have a huge brain (probably because they have an equally small Yin Yang libido).  I.e., they go beyond the 4th layer to impress you, but cant support the original fact through the additional layers; thus the story falls apart. I'll be writing more on these morons, but suffice to say I'm not one of them.

Without getting too far out in left field, I vaguely remember being forced to read “Catcher in the Rye” in college and other than a couple of stupid stunts & my military record, I'm not aware of any other FBI blotters that I am about to turn up on (sans this blog site) And as always, much more on all this later as we go... [so far I've made it through level what?... 2?]

Back to world destruction & keeping with the what we'll call the '3 Layers of Deception' (3LD)... Did/Have you opened a new bank account some time ago? I did, just after I left the military. All nice and shiny; they called it "free checking". Said I could have free checks too. Got the check card, the whole sha-bang. But like everything since the industrial revolution, "there's always a catch". 
We've all grown up with the caveats. The check card has its limits. Some ATMs will charge you for it's use, some gas pumps (not the actual station, walk inside & pay the clerk!!!) will charge you out the ass or hold your whole gyotdamn account for 48 hours till they get their money. But do you get any interest for the assholes holding your money for that amount of time?

It's little things like this that get lost "in the fine print".  Like one of the many military mantras - if you don't ask the question, then "they" won't offer the information.  This WILL be discover in the next blog "Ethics", but for now...

Well, my 'free checks' were short lived and come to find out, even if you write a paper check today, it's just like handling the plastic check anyway. It literally goes through electronically. Instantly. AND the bank will hold you responsible automatically as well if something taps your account (think of the 48 hour gas pump and then a trip to the grocer, but you didn't know about this little fact).

Now apply the 3LD - Original fact – writing a check takes 2 days to clear. Banks use this OLD fact to make money off of you 2 fold. 1, the money from your account is instant, therefore you bounce a check – you're penalized or 2, (if there was sufficient funds) they pull the money out of your account and sit on the funds to make interest of of it (that you don't get) before letting it go to whichever account it was intended for. [Example] You write a check for food, thinking you have 2 days till payday. On payday, you'll get your paycheck in the bank 'before' your check clears from the grocer & all's well. When in fact, the check bounced – bank penalty - store penalty – daily penalty. Before you get to the bank you may have incurred $150 to $200 worth of damage and not even got cash yet. Not to mention additional ramifications the store & municipalities (legal issues). All the while the the bank is making interest off your paycheck as it is waiting to 'clear' in it's vault.

This is where the sodomy analogy come's into play. The fact is that the game is being played across your bank, the bank that wrote your paycheck, the bank that your wrote to the store and so on.  FAR too boring to take up to in this bog, yet never touched upon in any news gathering agency that I have run across.  And this ISN'T deep thinking!  It's another form of a Ponzi Scheme that some how slipped through the cracks or possibly got legalized.  Granted this scale is Mickey Mouse in comparison, but until the little bitches (not just banks, but financial racketeers alike) fucked up the grander scale items, kept getting away with the ILLEGAL activities and then the economic bubble became nuclear and now we are about to literally swim in their shit with no hope of coming out it. Well, we can, but you aren't going to like my solution... More in a minute.

That bank I got the free checking with? Been with them for 10 years. Been loyal. I only made a couple of mistakes & never made a fuss when it came time to 'pay the fiddler'. All of the sudden (and yes, it was just about "all of the sudden") I'm getting service charges, but it doesn't say from 'who' in my bank statement. What the fuck right?

I mean, even if I'm getting ripped off by Gringo Sauce Ass Rape Intentional, there's still something written in there!

Learning that it was indeed the bank taking a share, I approached them. So I ask the bank, “When did you start this up & can I please have a copy of the confirmation letter?”

Their reply (nice young lady, to the old broken down hippie bastard) went something along the lines of, “You were given a notification in your printed bank statement...” Yet she still didn't give me a printed copy of the fucking thing as I had politely asked for, but politely continued with, “... but if you keep $500 in your account you won't be charged a service fee...”

You know, so long as I pack my ass with steel wool before going to prison I won't have to worry about being ass raped either.  How many of “you” fine readers can afford to have $500 kicking around in your checking account?  I don't care if you make minimum wage or clear $500K a year, demographics and social climate dictate what the hell is going on with your bank account, not the fucking bank.

Anyway, my point is, “What's my $100 (give or take) a year getting me at this bank?” As I look around I'm seeing new carpets & a new paint job being thrown on the floors & wall and probably a bunch of other shit 'I' really don't deem as being necessary. Not to mention, I'm now paying for checks, the fucking bank card has to last for 6 years (fucking drivers license doesn't even have to last that long WTF), I have to challenge most ATM charges... sodomy no longer seems to be a verbal exclamation.

Uhm... Russell? Don't you think these items are a bit too low key for you to be complaining about? Especially if they could possibly be read by an international audience? And although the information is good, I don't see it saving my kids...”

Not a problem. I understand that I may not have “that” discerning a clientele, therefore I believe I have something that can blow the lid right the fuck off a nuclear device. The Chernobyl Reactor can't put enough fall-out in the air on this one.  Well, it's debatable, but noteworthy none the less...

About 2002, bank president for a place called South Point Bank was loosing her ass on a few properties by an individual who was just like the rest of us. Owned a small business and a couple of houses in the area.  He was just trying to make a buck and fend for his family. But like the assholes I'm writing about, Greed just can't keep it's dick out of the punch bowl.

Long story short, I rented a house from this guy, but the locals didn't seem to want this guy to be a business owner, renter or human by any stretch of the imagination. Guess he just didn't play whatever reindeer game there is here. He ends up getting sick, falls behind in his bills, starts the whole refinancing bit. I go to help the guy out and approach the bank with the idea of buying the house. It ends up being a 'contract for deed' with the bank and he has one less worry to deal with.

Fast forward 4 years. House is a money pit. I have dumped a boat load of cash into this thing on top of the payments I've been chopping at already. I'm thinking "cut bait & run like hell". Give the keys back to the bank & thanks very much. I know; the equity I have & all the improvements stay with the property, blah, blah, blah...

Now...  Given all the previous banking pissing & moaning, you can ascertain I'm not a financial giant, but I do know this; if I bring home $50, I damn sure know I don't have $60 to spend! Knowing that, while also buffer the next statement with, "Fuck all your politics!" 

"Greed and financial bullshit innuendo like I just wrote is what got us in the shape we are in right now!!!"  Having made that statement,  my story continues...   I stood in front of the banker (with her fingers flying over the calculator) as she tried to convince my ass I could afford $1500 for house payments. I was bring home $1700 on a disabled Vets pension.

All said and done, being the asshole that I am (a technique I have cultivated for 30+ years now), I laughed in her face and handed her the keys. A few years later I tried to legitimately get a home and found that that house (willful surrender of the property) went on my credit report as a foreclosure!!! It's a “contract for deed”!!! That doesn't go on anyone's credit report. Luckily I got a written statement from this twat stating that the property was indeed that, but I believe I now have room to complain.

Which now comes to the culmination of the destruction of the earth's surface. World leaders had to see this shit coming. Conspiracy or not, it was an inevitability.  3LD (sadly this thing works the other way too.  It can be used to prove the truth as well).

This isn't conspiracy folks. I'm not practicing 3LD here. Somewhere along the line, when all the crazy bullshit spending, cash grabbing, whatever the hell you want to call it got to a level that “they” couldn't hide it, that they couldn't  survive another layer of the lie and get it to come back to the fact. “They” turned to what “they” always do, or what “they” have always thought would work (to draw fire away from their activity) and started a war. It always incurs huge expenses. Involves waves of emotions and definitely pulls attention away from white collar criminal activity (i.e., commonly thought of a more 'victimless' crime).

I know, I know... Common ground for discrediting myself to no ends just like every other asshole, but when it gets screamed out by much more educated pundits than me I can only echo the sentiment. And to have already used this as a spring board from one of the first (articles?) to write.

I'm no scientist, so I can't quantify the work on the twin towers for their forensics. I don't have the security clearance to know bat shit about Al Qaeda (if it weren't for Google I wouldn't know how to spell the spineless cock suckers) so I can't give proper insight as to where Bin Laden is hiding (but I can say, I refuse to believe that egotistical son of a bitch has the money to hide that well). I'm not even a political jet setting Washington insider waiting to widen somebodies asshole with another Watergate (which by today's standard is pussy footing).

Frankly, I am almost to the understanding that the American public is to the saturation point of being incapable of handling the information overload of the ass raping of what has already transpired.  By my calculations (and I have yet to be proven wrong, my family will shmerk, but I haven't missed one yet), that this whole 'scandal' is actually quite simple.

Russell's lost his shit right?  Nope.  It's literally single layered.  For example:  Your town mayor.  Takes kick-backs from the garbage people.  It's illegal, but then the recycle folks catch wind & they do the same and so on.  Well, apply that to an international scale.  Don't get crazy and have the house keeper's chihuahua slipping coded messages and shit; just those 2 maybe 3 upper level money thrusting assholes and some lackey naive Wall Street fat cat assholes sodomizing America to grease the operation.

Look, ask questions. Politically Correct is for assholes.  If I had a nickel for each time I was asked if I was racist I wouldn't need to worry about the $500 in my checking account.  It isn't rude to ask.  Sure the bank put it in writing, but if you can't read it tell their ass it read it to you.  And if it ain't in your language then tell them to interpret it for you!  It's your fucking money!  And if they act differently than their 'we care' policy, then do as I did:  Go to another bank!  As tax payers we've given these bastards a bailout and that doesn't seem to be working.  Now their playing little hide the salami word games to grind more money out of us and say that it's legal all in name of "read the fine print".

What do you fine folks say?  Bankers...  I'm not the slightest bit fucking interested...  I've already spoken to you. 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Russell"s Rules

Welcome Back for the first round in what is hopefully a brand new world of self awareness.

Probably not...  More like a revolutionary return to what was, but with a bit of a fresh twist to what needs to be said on things that have been festering under the bandages of what doctors have been calling 'political correctness'.  But before we can start hacking  the tonnage of ass off that carcass, I am going to have to continue to be purposefully vague and maintain course as I lay down the ground rules for proper cohabitation in my happy little virtual sphere.

In no specific, but equally ebbing order of importance, here are the Rules to Russell's World...

First & foremost...  Profanity.  Pro, by its very nature is the act of being , "in favor for/of".  Fane is a four letter word no longer used (between 1350 &1400 England) for "church".  So, (playing the game) profane would lead one to believe that you are being actively supporting a, say, religious cause; given my research.  Now I'm not going to immediately draw the line in the sand and have riot control standing by in 2 short paragraphs, but I am saying:  Just cause there are some (more like an endless slurry) tasty cussy tidbits that read like a drunken frat boys nonsensical self indulgent rant about his johnson and how society just doesn't get his generation; and how all the use of 'profanity' is 'so beneath' you...  Ask your high browed ass this; did you ever bother to investigate the definition of profanity?  And "no"!!!  I didn't ask for 'just' the DEFINITION...  "Investigate"   But then in today's society that would take something defined in 1970's terms as the old four letter word known as WORK!  In other words, I intend on using a lot of swearing.  I believe it speaks to the masses.  And the to masses that feel that this form of verbality speaks beneath them...?  Might I say that they are the one I speak the most pro-fane to.

Next Rule...  Semantics...  I am not a lawyer.  I don't get paid as a lawyer.  I hold no doctrine as one, nor am I licensed as one.  I didn't take the bar in any state but have been in one in many states (lame joke, took the shot while I had it).  The closest I got was some masters degree classes in law and I have a brother in law who is a lawyer (don't get any wild hairs either, I'm basically his Cousin Eddie).  As I had mentioned before, I am educated, and I will try to quantify most of the stuff I quote in these blogs, but I'm also trying to being silly in here too.  So let's not split cunt hairs over whether or not Uhura had the the same chromed ear wig communicator on when the Romulans attacked in Episode 26, shall we (I can already hear some of you fuckers chomping at the bit already...)?  Point is, I will be ranting about some subjects I deem important at whatever given time and some facts might get twist in translation.  Thus the title of the blog, right?  I'm sure some of you folks are just as opinionated as I am and are going to either agree or disagree given the toss of that coin.  Just when you whip out your pitifully small peter and squeeze out a couple of drops of piss for the top of my shoes; do me 1 small favor, allow me to make sure that I made a statement in the proper context.  I mean, no, I shouldn't be typing drunk, but it certainly beats driving that way.  And although words can be hurtful, they can be retracted.  Which leads to the next rule...

Apologize...  It might not happen.  This is a grand possibility and you're just going to have to get the fuck over it.  Why?  "I'm sorry" are just words.  You want them (words)?  There they are. And what did they do for you?  Not one fucking thing.  Facts are, my actions will speak as an apology much louder than any type written script will.  A much older, much wiser and very well life worn alcoholic told me that 'saying' I'm sorry doesn't mean shit if that's all you do.  Now, if your hanging a poster in your room and you dropped a tack, you sling your elbow down to try and catch it & accidentally elbow your buddy in the chest, knocking the wind out of them; yeah, "I'm sorry" is perfectly fine.  Bernie Madoff fucking mom & pop out of $50 billion, "I'm sorry" doesn't fucking cut it.  Get the picture.  So, when I write a blog later on the topic about you child not being the cutest thing on the planet surface, I'm not going to apologize.

Politics...  I fucking hate politics.  If it weren't for spell check I couldn't get it written into the blog correctly, that's how much I hate politics.  But I still have to write about it!  Its politics that got me where I am today as a matter of fact.  The very shallow, shell of a man that I am soon to be and that I am sure that a few folks have become were and may soon follow are victim of the masticating, masturbating, flagellating, life sucking, black hole, contradictory machine known as politics.  You know, back in college, there were guys I knew that had problems with being able to talk with other people.  So they would ask if you could go ask another guy for help.  That guy was the go between.  No big deal.  But then these 'go-betweens' decided they could make money at this and now we're all in the shit for it.  Make no mistake here in Russell's World, I am not going to argue politics.  All branches are useless.  Throw any negative action adjective at this you want.  Its already been done and abused before me.  No, I'm letting you know that I will be bashing just about any moronic off-shoot wanna-be party branch that thinks they are going to 'make a difference'.  All will answered and less vague as time merely presses forward.  Till then, let's just get through the rules..

Pedophiles...  You're all going to die.  I just can't seem to get a full blog out of this subject, but time will tell on that.

Religion...  My immediate answer to this one is this:  You go to your church and I'll go mine.  Slightly more detail stipulates, keep 'your' faith next to 'your' heart and I'll do the same.  Russell's World parameters state that those who follow a more rigid faith based doctrine are going to want to pay attention to the titles of the blogs.  Meaning, if the title sounds like a religious group might take a verbal beating by yours truly and you don't want to get your feeling hurt, steer clear of that particular topic.  EVEN IF THE TOPIC ISN'T YOUR FAITH!!!  Just cause it may say Catholic doesn't mean I'm not bashing everybody.  I have a good reason for this, which again will be explain later.

I am pro military.  That doesn't mean that if you were in the military that I am necessarily pro 'you'.  I "was" in the military and like all prior military we can smell our own.  Some asshole wanna-be can slip through.  Fool us for a while, but you will get caught and when you do, the mercy shown in battle will not be shown to you.  I was put under a bunch of stress while I was in, but not like the repeated stress of the folks since 2002.  Dependent on who I talk to or what I hear, I may write about them here.  There won't be any comments from the peanut gallery, unless they are from confirmed military. Nothing more there.

Another Rule... Cats is stupid. I have quantifiable proof to the fact. More on that later...

Typos...  Yes, I know how to proofread.  Do you?  Stay tuned to this blog & I'm sure you'll contest to whether or not this is indeed the case.  Facts are, get enough clicks under the fingers and you flat out get tired of re-reading what went on the screen.  Spell check only catches so much after so long and English has 3 different spellings for different words.  If I made a couple of mistakes, let the fucking thing go.  Call it a professional courtesy.  If I did 2 or 3 dozen times, I was either being a prick to someone and you were being thick (i.e., you didn't get the joke); I was drunk and needed to be called out [thank you, need to get in touch with a VA rep and dry out] or your just a hypersensitive individual with too much time that I will be commenting on in a blog later and a subject of the next rule...

Wining... This is probably the biggest rule of them all. Of all the rules, I can't stress this one the highest. Although I can't number these edicts, this one would be an obvious contender for first place and for obvious reasons. In every forum or chat room that I have probably frequented, inevitably someone eventually broke down into a quivering blob of self pity and started slobbering about whatever subject they were or weren't being taken seriously about. Granted, we have all found ourselves victim of a situation that had literally been stripped of our control and no hopes of escape. Loss of control is scary and I suppose a violation of sorts (given the circumstance). Being called a fag in a chat room with a bunch of other anonymous morons is not worth pining your life story about. [Those loading up your hate keyboard can unplug your water cooled CPUs. I'm not answering shit to Russell's Rules.] Wining doesn't equal a sign of weakness folks, it's a sign of whipped. You are already beaten. It took me 10 years to learn that one. Ask James Hetfield. Biggest winier I have ever met in my life! Piss and fucking moan! Could have made it in half the time had he stopped his bitching. Same as this guy I knew in the military. Emulated himself after James; almost the spitting image of the guy too. Attitude was just about the same as well. All he did was constantly piss about how he was due this and bitch he was owed that I had no choice but to pull him to the side and calmly state to him... matter of fact... NUT UP. You are a man. Not a winy little bitch. Put the pussy away. Quit telling everyone what you “THINK” you deserve. No one gives a shit what you “THINK”. If you earned it, then it would be in your hands. If its not then go find it. If you didn't earn it, STOP BULLSHITTING US!!!

Which comes to one of the few last rules... why Russell?

What make “YOU” so special (you, meaning [me]~Russell~) that you get to speak out about/against society and all it's supposed flaws. Are you so untainted and perfect, or are you “chosen”? Ego would say yes. But I am too old, too broken down and partially too wise for that shit, so I will answer that in one of the next blogs.

Let's suffice to say for right now that its because that I am the opposite. I'm tainted, imperfect and for damned certain the unchosen, thus the perfect man for the job.

Hell, never thought I would be this suited for a job in my life.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard the Fuck Coaster!!!  We recommend that you keep your hands and feet on board at all times as the speed and corning of this ride will tear your appendages off at any given moment.  Remember to keep your valuables and loved ones close at hand and to sleep with one eye open as everything on this planet will eat you.

Thank you for your stay and we hope that you survive....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to my world...

As I welcome you folks to the site, I would invite you to throw the kids into the back seat (to reminisce of the days when I used to work at an old drive-in movie theater [much more on that later]), but as you will soon learn this is simply not going to be one of those blogs catering to a family atmosphere.

No, not only will I not be canonized for literary wonders, but I will most definitely be burnt in effigy once I manage a following large enough to merit a few public appearances and possibly a book signing.  Lofty goals no doubt seen by some, delusions of grandeur seen by a nutless few that haven't seen it in themselves to have even gotten this far (i.e., write their own blog), but hopefully, a 'golden atta-boy' as seen by a bunch folks out there that happen to be a 'Russel' at heart as well.

So, "why wait this long to write about subjects that every comedian or pundit on the planet has already touched on?"

Simple.  Given the anonymity of the internet, my particular path through life (both the path chosen for me and the path of my choosing) and the current inability of ANY social body to set/say anything straight (sans the Iranians), I feel there is room for improvement:  A LOT OF IT.  Meaning, I'm going to be everybody's heartless, but lovable drunken uncle on Christmas who tells everybody what's what.  You know, all the adults freak the fuck out, but the kids get the biggest kick out of him.  Why?  Because he says it like it is and doesn't LIE to them!

So, no...  I don't expect to get invited to the White House.  Nor do I expect an HBO special (as medical conditions make it tough for me to make any kind of appearance to anything at all anyway.  Think Axel Rose, but with a REALLY good gyotdamn reason!!!)

Is this welcome page any r e a l  indicator as to how Russell's World is going to read and great it's readers from here on?

Not at all.  Matter of fact, it was painful to come up with this much tactful dialog.  Grinding through the grey matter for concise verbiage, keeping sentences structured precisely so as to not scare away the reader, but also maintaining a enough to keep one's attention that would invite you back for more.  Frankly, it's a scary proposition to put one's thought out there like this.

Am I "right...  Am I delusional...  Who am I to be the one o speak on any of the subject point coming up...  Where do I get off...  ?

All of these will be addressed...  I can most assuredly contest to that. All will be answered.  Will it be answered to YOUR desired outcome.  Some yes.  The others no.  and the other 2.5% will simply not get the fucking answer they want no matter what.

With that vague closing I bid you welcome.  You Will get to learn a lot about me in the near future and most important, about yourself and the world (mine more so, thus the title of the blog).

Mandatory reading is the next heading so be prepared.  It's entitled Russell's Rules.  I'll link it here too once I get it written.  Thanks for joining us.  Just remember,  Everything here bites... just don't be a pussy, bite back!