Tuesday, June 28, 2011

California Violent Video Game Retraction

 U.S. Supreme Court puts the cabash on 
California Violent Game Law

I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not like a lost lover, stalker kind of licking his sliding glass door, exclaiming that I'm a cookie, in dire need of his attention to eat me kind of love here, so get your minds out of whatever nasty sauce pan of mouse shit flambe you happen to be cooking up here... christ-almighty people...

I'm talking about early 80s... I'm in my mid 20s and so full of testosterone the overflowing Mississippi looks like a pissing toddler about now... Me, my brother and any number of my buddies can't wait for the next Arnie movie to come out. Do we give a shit if it's any good? Fuck No!

From “Conan the Barbarian” on, I was hooked. Even when he did a cameo for the “The Expendables” I was waiting in line [something I don't really do anymore]. But then there are jobs an individual just isn't meant to do.

Now am I saying that Arnold shouldn't have gone into politics? Not exactly, but I'm sure the greatest bulk of folks in California would being telling me otherwise. Total financial collapse, joblessness at a level that rivals the Great Depression and judicial upheaval that may take a decade or more to straiten out, much less repair to a point of reform... WTF happened to my action hero? Politicians went after his ass (and his co-actor's) for their body count, now there really is a body count!

Which is what leads me into Arnold's six year fiasco which I believe was San Francisco's Bill AB 1179. Basically, what the law did was penalize anyone renting or selling a video game to a minor that the ESRB rated as M (for Mature, NOT minor...). If you do, you get hit with a $1000 fine.  This tasty bit of syrupy sweet, honey dipped giraffe shit was brought before Arnold and sold to the California congress by Tem Leland Yee, a child psychologist  [and apparently their senator as well] who says that violent video games serve as learning tools that have a dramatic impact on children. [quote obtained from Here]

Well folks, here's where the rant begins.

As of 27June2011 the U.S. Supreme Court over turned AB 1179 as now video games are considered a protected form of free speech. Now the article and case issue that I am basing my initial information on is primarily with “Violent” video games. So does this include “all” video games? Some could argue 'no', but then how many are going to argue that “My Little Pony” sent their kid over the edge and caused their 10 year old to cry anarchy, take up arms against the government or gun down their school?

Despite, a kid that's within the reach of 18 (the age they seem to think “M” games are to be properly purchased) can usually handle most of the garbage that's thrown on the screen anyway. Besides, the rating system on the box is not there as a sales warning anyway. It's not there to warn the retailer, it's for the PARENT!!! After 18 the little letters emboldened on the box become immaterial until you start buying this crap for YOUR kid. Hell, when I see an “E” on the box (a game for me) I usually put it back on the shelf. Respectively, morals & religious zealousness aside, denying a sale by the store solely because of the material & the age is still censorship; no matter how you say it.

Example: women want to go all gooey about babies being born & they'll bring small children into a crowded room around a poor women at her most vulnerable as she's trying to bring another life into the world; get all nice and torridly graphic about getting that child (or animal) onto this earth, but won't do hot buttered skons of boot knocking, titty fucking shit about explaining how the baby got there. She'll fight tooth & fucking nail to hide everything concerning the female form and it's involvement in fornication. She'd rather connive, lie and mystify rather than explain that "man behind the curtain".

I know that's a cruel example. Men are not even remotely better. And I realize the example is based on eons of cultural & religious mystification and conditioning. Not something that a simple flipping of a switch can cure, but that's not the basis of this rant.

Getting back... Tem Leland Yee, child psychologist, proclaimed violent video games were a learning tool for violence. Um, no. Other than the possibility of him viewing his kids playing the Atari (the same thing and age I was as a kid) and his assumptions concluded from that, there is still no conclusive evidence that what Tem is saying is even remotely true. Not even slightly.

I've even gone through the studies myself. Yup, your's truly. Yet I can hear you folks now... “Are you a Doctor?” No, I worked with them. He wasn't a soldier either, but he has come into contact with them I'll bet. “What experience do you have with the human mind that rivals his?” Good question. The exact same as you and then some. I can do research. I can ask experts and I can see the results of experiments done in the field that would turn your fucking stomachs that Tem wouldn't have even thought of looking up, much less put into his report supporting Arnie's money making law.

Here's how I know Tem is rhino charging balls off wrong. 

Without excepting ANY RESPONCIBILITY WHATSOEVER--- I WON”T - - You folks can even do this at home. All of us have an ignorant assed little nephew/brother/kid next door/whatever. Get the one that's pig fucking stupid, otherwise this isn't going to prove my point. Now catch the roach eater after he's watched a Roadrunner episode on tv. Preferably one where the coyote falls off the cliff into the canyon and at the bottom becomes an accordion and walks off.  You know the one, bouncing up & down; wonky-wonky...

Remember, I don't except a bit of responsibility for your dumbass cousin (or whomever) if he's actually the 1% that actually does this --- Now in this experiment, take Franklin outside & ask him to climb up on the roof of the house and chase the Roadrunner of of it and crash to the ground like the coyote. Without having to actually do the experiment, most of you folks know the kid won't do it because they understand the concept of being hurt when they hit the ground. They KNOW what a cartoon is.  Even if you try to convince them they'll turn into an accordion.

Still don't believe me? OK, about summer 1993, CBS investigative news went racing out with their assholes completely raging with a four alarm fire ready to incinerate the Mighty Morphing Power Piss Ants (actually Rangers, I called them that when my kids were younger to aggravate the shit out of them) for inciting violent behavior in children!!!!!!!!! Oh the witch hunt was on!!! The oil was boiling, the priests were assembled, water blessed, stakes and hammers at the ready.

So they set a whole gaggle of these little turd herders into a pile and let them watch a couple of the most decadent of the shows that they could find. Once the shows were over they immediately turned them loose to go play outside in the playground. Cameras rolling, producers salivating like a lioness atop a fallen gazelle’s fold the children start their dance of the defecate demon. Shit kick here, piss swish there. Dick dart to the left, ram ass to the right.

Yet, to the dismay of the production staff, where the fuck is the broken teeth? The scrapes and squalling of “Joey hit me!” and “Tommy kicked me!” What the hell happened to the hurtling bodies from the swing sets of these little bastards thinking they could fly? The broken necks from failed quadruple back flips from a stiff legged stand still? What The Fuck!!!

So the producer chases the lead repoter out into the playground to get some well deserved answers from these dumbass kids. Announcer: “Hey, dumbass, why aren't you dead. You should be kicking the shit out of your friend like the Pissants do in their show. Don't you want to be a Power Pissant too?” Kid: “That's a TV show moron! We don't want to “really” get hurt! We're just playing. Now leave me alone...”

From the mouths of babes... So what about “what's being said” in these games? Shocked they'll learn foul language?  One, growing up in my house would be hypocritical so the "Fuck off is strong in this one...".  Secondly, I say, “Have you been through the hallways of a high school recently?” Let me let you in on something, I went through one back in the 70s!!! So between then and last May 2011, literally ain't shit changed. Prudes need not respond.

The 50s through the 80s blamed rock music for every deviancy youth could muster in rebellion against their parents and society. When those kids got old enough and educated to disprove their accusers, the accusations turned to violence depicted in the mid 70s, unregulated, unbridled restraint being depicted in theaters to a much their more educated audience. Once that became thwarted, onto 80s music videos. Then onto the last frontier, turn of the century video games.

The research I helped uncover that never seems to make public light was this:

Kids from the ages of approximately 10 to 16 years of age are inherently the most dangerous when confronted with acts of violence.

What does this mean? Give an adult a weapon (say a pistol) and put them in a situation that calls for them to defend themselves, they will hesitate before committing an act of violence on another human being. The age group above? WON'T!!! They WILL pull the trigger without hesitation, remorse or thought. Combatants will back me up on this one, mark my words. It is a recorded fact that armed 'kids' in the combat arena are the most dangerous. Why would they act any different in an urban setting?

Adults have life's experiences behind them that govern their actions before pulling a trigger. Religious convictions, morality, compassion, guilt of consequence, even the pressure of the target being friend or foe; all being factors of hesitation before firing. The juvenile has the capacity for all these factors, just not the EXPERIENCE; thus, they resort to a simple internal command... shoot – no shoot. A video game has absolutely NO correlation to this function.

Don't believe me? Ask a ball-less, butt fucking, boy love, Taliban why they will start 'brain washing' their bombers young, or why the nut licking, dick skinning Vietcong used children as grenade bait. Not a one of those kids used a video game to teach them how to hate a man in a certain uniform or how to pull that trigger when he/she came around the corner. Some could use the excuse that they were used as weapons against our own weakness for children, but then there is that one word there... “use”...

If I had to put this blog to bed much quicker? Viewed violence is NEVER the same as experienced violence. To believe otherwise is simply homogenized bullshit. If you don't think so, ask a veteran. Ask a victim of a violent crime. "The devil made me do it" bullshit doesn't work anymore and the devil this time isn't video games. So stop looking in the closets and under the beds for what should have been in the mirror for what's causing America's ailments.

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