Sunday, June 5, 2011

Justice from Concentrate

Just when you think the legal system had completely broken down and backed into your living room carpet... people are eating one another in the streets. The earth is a barren wasteland and gas is worth more than gold.

OK, I'm full of shit again... But "how much" is going to be left to definition. Here's why...

About a week to a week & half ago a fellow by the name of Joshua Kaufman got national attention here in the US by actually practicing some vigilantism. You heard it right and yeah, that's what I'm calling it, “vigilantism”, but in a good way.

Now most of you folks that just want to catch the story about Mr. Kaufman's plight can Google the shit out the story or hit one of your favorite news sites and get a pretty good rundown on the five “W's” & “H” of his story. I'm just going to burn it up in about one or two paragraphs to get down to the real pissing and grinning.

Nuts & Bolts story: Joshua Kaufman basically had his apartment broken into and his laptop stolen. Luckily, Joshua had put software onto his computer that would alert him with all kinds of information with regards as to what's going on. [I'm not going to give out the software vendor because of the “whore clause” in my contract... you know, pay to play] In trying to keep this short, Joshua takes this information to the cops with the basic statement that this motherfucker has my property, now go collect it and throw his ass in the slammer.

Wouldn't you know it... the cops stick their collective jelly doughnuts in their pie holes and thumbs up their asses & tell Joshua to hit the bricks; they're “not” going to do their appointed jobs because of a bullshit reason called “resource restrictions “.  Something along the lines that they "couldn't" comply.

It wasn't until after Joshua invoked a massive social network & news media blitzkrieg, blasting the 'thief's' image and the story of the police's incompetency all over the international media did someone finally do something.  So come 31May2011 Joshua Kaufman finally got his justice, but it was only AFTER HE took the law into his own hands and demanded what was right.  Thus, my little 'vigilante' comment...  Remember though, I call this GOOD.

Which now leads into my nasty little bag of tricks... Once again the fine folks over here LINK have been "oh so good" enough to put up with my little bits & pieces of whinage for quite some time. The link above will lend itself to a bit more of the story than I was willing to go into, as well as other folks that want to know more. I'm not trying to hide anything here.

No, what I have already hinted toward was also reflected partially in the forum that I frequent. That being the lack of justice being served out by those we appoint, hire, trust.  Those folks who also demand that we sit and maintain our composure as they supposedly have our best interests in mind as they take the reigns, supposedly round up these assholes and see that punishment fit the crime.  Then if that's the case, what the fuck do you call the display of justice shown Joshua (prior to his deeper involvement folks, let's not have to explain everything)?

Now Joshua didn't have to drop six into his revolver and call the thief out into the street to reap justice. I'm not spouting that kind of shit... but I am saying, what other acts of slightly higher criminal activity have occurred in the past and have then just been “let go” by the police or our legal system for reasons I'm about to cover here in a moment. Then you tell me... vigilante? Yeah, the “Punisher” might have had a good idea.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely”, chopped up, but not plagiarized and grandly bastardized by yours truly from a British historian who originally coined the phrase somewhere between the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Actually it was in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

I put all that elegance in here to what ends? So I could deflate it with this shit for what? I'm not going to start spouting 'corporate this' or 'greed that'. We've been down that road and we'll probably visit it again soon enough... It is the corruption underneath that I'm going to ride like a toilet seat that has everything to do with this blog and the proposed vigilantism theme though.

Hollywood even knows the formula for criminals screwing the common man, law enforcement turning a blind eye (fill in any blank motivation you want for not investigating) and then the victim goes out to render justice under their own hands only to find that 'they' have to fight with every fiber of their being to stay ahead of the law-dogs because NOW all of the sudden there's a reason to serve justice. And they say Hollywood's fake...

What this reflection says to me is this... as a whole (large pieces here, not the complete) both law enforcement & lawyers don't give a shit about those who hire or appoint them to their respective positions (tax payers and city folks, not city elitists or appointees).

Now before the hate canon goes off or your outstretched arms, palsied with dead fingers onto the red buttons of your nuclear FUCK detonators, show me a bit of patience. Obviously this is not a blanket statement thrown on all individuals of law enforcement.  Unquestionably , nor is everyone in the practice of law subjected to the evils of society that jades them into both victim & victimizer. And some people actually are comfortable with their standard of living, so no, not “everyone” can be bought. So re-grease your size 18 butt plug, put it back in and have a seat.

Now that "that" little “disclaimer” is out of the way, I'll continue with the cussy hate campaign of angst & hurt till everyone's uterus falls out. Whether you were born with one or not.

Corporations can afford to pay and forcibly “make” law enforcement officials arrest civilians (or whomever really) on whatever charges they want for a minimum holding time so as to find additional charges to dump on that individual for whatever infringement they deem necessary. This has been grandly displayed in the RIAA/MPAA Nazi techniques shown in recent history with regards to file sharing.  Why mention this?  Just to give you an example of how lawyers use "their" abuse of power.  We already know how police do it, thus making an explanation of that redundant.

Side-stepping slightly; when it comes to corrupt finances & splitting cunt hairs, it's actually the consumer that payed for most of the brouhaha due to the fact we support the music industry through purchases & such and then because the victims being sued can't afford legal council (which you just “know” those folks got the cream of the crop when it went to trial) our taxes have to pay for their counsel too.

So with this in mind and taking my lastblog into consideration, when do the police get to make an ethical call on the matter. Fuck morals. Morals can't come into the picture, as morals are like politics & religion, they will always lead to emotional responses, thus bullshit fall out arguments (like the one with my brother over the Stupidity Repeal) ensue which lead to brutal emotionally driven fisticuffs reserved for the gods.  Then somebody really could get killed and for what (that's why I don't allow it here)?

Anyway, just like a Hollywood script, unless it turns into a public outcry the cops won't do shit. This can work in your favor in one of two ways.  Your vigilante act is civil and public enough that it literally forces the hand of law enforcement to finally do their fucking job, just like that in Joshua's case or... You push the boundaries of ethics and friendships in the exact same fashion as those who treated you unfairly (i.e., steal from the thief, sodomize the rapist, etc...). 

Now it sounds like the whole thing turned into a case of vengeance and not vigilantism. Does that I mean you or I are then corrupted/corruptible? I'll have to get back to you on that one for a more definitive answer, but at first glance I might have to say “yes”.

Lawyers on the other hand, with the rare exception of “oh so very few”, are all worthless. They might have had your best interests in mind back in junior college when they were taking “intro to criminal justice 101”, but if they went at it with much fervor after that, and told you they did it for the sanctity law & order... B U L L S H I T.

There are only 2 motivating factors for a lawyer to continue flagellating themselves within the hallowed halls of law and that would be their personal ever present narcissistic “win to loss ratio” or the Money (both actually being a mutated baby of one). It really is that fucking simple folks.

Pro Bono work is only done as it keeps the politics in “good standing” in the court room. That's when it comes time for your “guiltier than steaming dog shit”client to get a reduced sentence because he dogged out another inmate for something more heinous. I don't know about you, but when I fucked up as a kid my ass got busted just as much for admitting it as it did for Watergating the damn thing.  Simply put; his lawyer doesn't care that 148 hours of incriminating video and 148 thousand close-up photos of his client doing the "thumbs-up" while sodomizing 215 children from 17 states exist or not; does he get a deal or not?

What may be even more worse than a lawyer is a police officer that “thinks” they know the law and constantly quotes to you their ignorance of that fact. Don't think so?  Watch “DEA” if you don't believe me. Those Type “A” motherfuckers want to go from a crack whore on Monday to busting a fucking Guatemalan cartel lord before lunch on Wednesday... and for what!!! Just What The Fuck is their motivation!?! Don't give me this “they love their job shit either”.

There is a hidden agenda somewhere in there that we as the public aren't made aware of.  Something (non sinister, none of that conspiracy shit) simply within the DEA that has these guys jacked up like they're sniffing the shit they're supposed to be confiscating; ready to lie their asses off & make deals to these assholes that will never see the court room (like, “we'll let you walk if you'll just turn over your supplier” & shit like that). [just to prove my point on 'hidden agendas', in the military, if you save them $100,000, as a reward, you get 10% as an incentive to keep finding ways to keep saving them more money. Most guys don't know this. So share the knowledge!!!]

Is this rambling all disjointed and confusing?  Probably.  I'm probably not the only one who would like a more simple "common sense" system to just about everything.  I've even been victim of the legal system, albeit low level and by its double speak language, but a victim none the less...  I still want a change.  But like my blog blasting legalized stupidity (probably didn't touch it in there either) attempted to say, people want to fuck the system.  Personal responsibility...  or the lack there of...

I'm sure I have said this before, somewhere, and probably less eloquently then I'm about to attempt here... which is going to be chopped & pressed as McNuggets as it is... so (to some - in desperate closing) here goes... 

If you have to hire someone to represent you legally... because you simply can't speak “that” language... which in turns means, you can't keep tabs on the individual you hired? How the fuck do you even know you were represented, much less properly?

I don't claim to have the answers. Certainly not inside three pages, but within the smattering of one sentence and morals aside, a zombie apocalypse might be a good start.

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