Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to my world...

As I welcome you folks to the site, I would invite you to throw the kids into the back seat (to reminisce of the days when I used to work at an old drive-in movie theater [much more on that later]), but as you will soon learn this is simply not going to be one of those blogs catering to a family atmosphere.

No, not only will I not be canonized for literary wonders, but I will most definitely be burnt in effigy once I manage a following large enough to merit a few public appearances and possibly a book signing.  Lofty goals no doubt seen by some, delusions of grandeur seen by a nutless few that haven't seen it in themselves to have even gotten this far (i.e., write their own blog), but hopefully, a 'golden atta-boy' as seen by a bunch folks out there that happen to be a 'Russel' at heart as well.

So, "why wait this long to write about subjects that every comedian or pundit on the planet has already touched on?"

Simple.  Given the anonymity of the internet, my particular path through life (both the path chosen for me and the path of my choosing) and the current inability of ANY social body to set/say anything straight (sans the Iranians), I feel there is room for improvement:  A LOT OF IT.  Meaning, I'm going to be everybody's heartless, but lovable drunken uncle on Christmas who tells everybody what's what.  You know, all the adults freak the fuck out, but the kids get the biggest kick out of him.  Why?  Because he says it like it is and doesn't LIE to them!

So, no...  I don't expect to get invited to the White House.  Nor do I expect an HBO special (as medical conditions make it tough for me to make any kind of appearance to anything at all anyway.  Think Axel Rose, but with a REALLY good gyotdamn reason!!!)

Is this welcome page any r e a l  indicator as to how Russell's World is going to read and great it's readers from here on?

Not at all.  Matter of fact, it was painful to come up with this much tactful dialog.  Grinding through the grey matter for concise verbiage, keeping sentences structured precisely so as to not scare away the reader, but also maintaining a enough to keep one's attention that would invite you back for more.  Frankly, it's a scary proposition to put one's thought out there like this.

Am I "right...  Am I delusional...  Who am I to be the one o speak on any of the subject point coming up...  Where do I get off...  ?

All of these will be addressed...  I can most assuredly contest to that. All will be answered.  Will it be answered to YOUR desired outcome.  Some yes.  The others no.  and the other 2.5% will simply not get the fucking answer they want no matter what.

With that vague closing I bid you welcome.  You Will get to learn a lot about me in the near future and most important, about yourself and the world (mine more so, thus the title of the blog).

Mandatory reading is the next heading so be prepared.  It's entitled Russell's Rules.  I'll link it here too once I get it written.  Thanks for joining us.  Just remember,  Everything here bites... just don't be a pussy, bite back!

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