Monday, March 28, 2011

ETHICS... and the apparent lack there of.

OK, so I'm a long winded bitch.  I don't need 6.5 billion people telling me that; world population ought to be getting there, barring any other natural disasters.

My wife and kids remind me of it every gyotdamn day.  I'm sure some of my other family members would too if I had more than semi-annual contact with them.  That's not a complaint, just a mention in passing...

Anyway, Ethics...  I think it deserves to be capitalized. It used to have a place in higher learning. It used to be mandatory education across the board and if failed, you didn't graduate. Basically it made “YOU” a failure.

Have I got you thinking now?  Maybe I've got you a little pissy? Good.  Most folks don't even know what the definition of Ethics is.  Most of you reading that last sentence didn't even recognize the fact I wrote it incorrectly.

No, that's not a shot at your education or intelligence, so put away your best Sunday pissing shoes (you don't stand a chance anyway).  Russell's Rules

You're all grown-ups and know how to read a dictionary, so you can get that bland catch-all definition for yourself.  Here's a good run-for-your-money definition of what Ethics really ARE...

Think of it as a religion/philosophy. What!?!  Bear with me... Not the kind of mantra, sit, stand, kneel, pray, sing, confess, fall over, baptize, beat on chairs, knock on doors, fish on Fridays... not that.   It's far more simple than that.

You're watching two kids on the playground. None of this, “I turned my back for two seconds...” shit either; and one child hits the other child. [shut your hole and keep reading hippie] The opposite child smacks the child in turn and the situation defuses itself.

Ethically, should you intervene at this point? By every standard that I have studied and been subjected to in my life, the answer is no. The kids had figured it out and continued playing. Buddha said harmony had been reached. It had to go to a place of negativity, but it got there and got resolved.

Different situation, (true story) my family is living in a shit hole managed by a slumlord owned by Charles Glover of Circle Property Management Inc. in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area (possible adtl locals in ILL, GA, TN, SC), you might want to apply the steel-wool technique I spoke of in the last blog before (Banks & Child Sodomy) confronting this guy if you have hiccups in you finances. He's a pussy, he'll hide behind his lawyers and he has no ETHICS.

The tenement went with the roof basically gone for 6 months (into & past Christmas), mold & other problems, as well as other tenants suffering into subzero temperatures with broken heaters only to be given a space heater & told to wait it out till Monday (a couple with a new born).

Speaking for myself, I missed one (1) months rent and had a problem getting it back to him. Frankly, as of this writing he still doesn't have it [more in a second].

Myself & approximately two dozen neighbors were given big red nasty-grams on our doors displaying the violations (large enough that you could read it from the street) and the ultimatum to pay-up in 5 days or be sued in civil court (which if you didn't know can suffer huge monetary penalties that you'll never get out from under).

Conspiracy aside, this IS truth; my particular area IS rife with corruption (I know, how can I say ours is any more than any other) and my legal representation was no benefit whatsoever, so I was still sued. Even with pictorial and argumentative proof, I am still paying (albeit over time) what the original legal injunction was for. Is this “Fair”? Ethics.

Neglecting me, what about the poor folks that endured that winter with the newborn? The others coerced into paying whatever bloated payment or illegal eviction ploy Chucky pulled out of his ass? He has the money and knows they don't in order to hire lawyers from outside the are to prosecute the shit out of him as I guarantee he is in violation of deposit laws. Yet it still boils down to Ethics.

You can't hide from Ethics cause it's been there since your first cognitive memory and it has remained with you. Here's how I know...

Remember back when your folks told your little ass to stay in your room and you took one step out... that feeling in the pit of your stomach: Ethics. Not God, not Vishnu, not the planets aligning... Ethics. Good old fashioned, right from fucking wrong and you fucking new it then. 

When your folks hollered at you about staying in your room... the very instant you said, “You didn't say I couldn't stand in the door.”  You challenged Ethics.  Oh, you knew that was bullshit, even then, but you were going to try it anyway.  Maybe your folks made a smirk and let you out & you "thought" you got away with it or they busted your ass and you learned that was not the way Ethics was to be treated.

Reminds me of how I felt it in the gyotdamn courtroom when I was being sodomized by the judge and the lawyers & the looks on all of their faces.  Brings me back to the time I worked with the proper people who specialized in 'detecting', you know, the one's who lie. Liers, especially the good one's, know when they've been caught. Ethics.

Jesse Ventura was running a fun show there for a while based on the conspiracy theory motif. I'm sure by themselves some of the facts were a bit perplexing. But one show I was most pissed had to do with the Wall Street crash and the fat cats he had crammed in a room.

These high dollar fucks are in there blathering about whatever (makes no difference to me), but what struck me was when Ventura mentioned something about ETHICS. That's when the fattest cock swiller sat up with self righteous, unmitigated gall and had the nerve to tell Ventura (something to the effect), “then they need to put laws into effect...”...ETHICS.

Seeing as how all those folks lost their money, no retirement, still no one in jail. Fuck religion. No one ever fell on their sword for religion. Ethics, or maybe I should say HONOR. I've heard of many a brave soul taking or loosing a life for such a thing there.

Why does there have to be a "rule book"?  Fuck you!!!  Telling a two year old not to stick his finger in the cats ass bears needing told.  A 16 year old needs his ass knocked clean off (yes, that literal)!!!  I love to drive 100mph and over.  I'll admit it.  But I'm not so fucking stupid to do it in a school zone and in a Honda Prius!!!   It's Ethics are not context for here and debatable for later, but suffice to say that my intent is not to inflict damage on anyone (including myself, you'll just have to roll with that for now).

What am I trying to say in all this? Is my abuse of profanity just as un-Ethical? We can get into that a bit later (and we will), but my point is this: Black is black, white is white and AT TIMES (oh so few times) there is a blending into gray. I profess this, just what is gray? To which I reply, a mix of white and black. The mix being either a stronger concentration of white or black.

“Oh, but Russell, what if it is an equal mix of the both?”

Folks, that's bullshit. It'll never happen. We're human. We can get it real close and we can fool most people, but nobody is perfect. Trust me, it's one side or the other. Throw that blind legal bitch of ours at it if your so sold on her. You know, the one holding the scale. Because I will guaran-fucking-tee that thing will NEVER, EVER swing balanced. Someone wins and someone hangs on that thing. And they have the audacity to go through the halls of court & legal schools and talk of such things as Ethics.

We need to stop the wining and sniveling.  We ALL know what is right and wrong.  We have all allowed things to get muddied up or been bullshitted into buying one thing only to get it home and find that once unboxed it's another.  Problem is we can't take it back.

Keep this in mind as we delve into my world throughout my run as I'll be using it to prove my point quite often. Chances are a LOT of you folks aren't going to like it either. But then where would free speech be if I didn't help defend it?

Until next time... It's going to be a bumpy ride!

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