Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sony, Steve & Apple... They all start with an "S"...

Sony has now made it's name synonymous with the title of Greed.  Well it always has, but it pretty much clinched it now.

Back in the 70's I used to toy with the notion of buying their products when all they were, were this television & stereo manufacturing company. But even then I couldn't stomach the pricing of their products. Their TVs were right on the cusp of being vomit inducing. I mean, they were the same CRT boxes that brought the major 3 in the house and baked your brain for 3 descent hours a night. There was no reason for graphic user interface quite yet and VCRs hadn't made it into the mainstream until the hump of the 80's.

So other than two REALLY great 'ghetto box' radios I purchased over a couple years apart, I didn't jump into any fanboy bandwagon leg humping affair to speak of.

Now without going into a bullshit history lesson and losing the one religious reader I do have, Sony keeps it's fan base moving through the background in it's industrial TV production & post production line until that fateful day when the great VHS/BETA war hit the scene.

Some of you probably haven't a slobbering clue of what I'm talking about, some probably grasp the idea, while others probably grimaced and grabbed the Geritol. For those who know what I'm talking about, Sony lost their ass in that little war. BETAMAX, as it was called, was a much better video cassette tape format for movies in SO many ways, but for several seemingly bullshit reasons VHS won out.

One of the most ABUNDANT being the upfront cost for the betamax player. Sony just couldn't get that 55 gallon drum sized butt plug called Greed out of their ass to drop the cost of the player to compete with VHS.

“But why/how did VHS get theirs so cheap so fast?”

Simple... It's the whole reason that Sony and the rest of the Greed parade is causing the rest of the world to decay faster than a bloated possum on a humid Louisiana highway. VHS and its technology 'secrets' were shared with everybody. So long as somebody came up with a new “whatever” and shared it with the group, everybody could keep the cost of production/research down so low that they could pass the savings on to the consumer.  [Sony has lost it's ass on multitudes of proprietary technologies that I have lost count, all because of of the below...]

Sony, being the ever greedy mother fucker that they are, won't share shit. You have to sign so gyotdamn many nondisclosure agreements and “we'll chop your balls off” clauses, anyone would be scared to death to violate. Plus, there's no room for research & development. Sony controls that too. Therefore, those costs have to be covered by someone... guess who?

Does any of this bullshit sound familiar? How about Apple? Does your Mac taste any better? Wonder why Steve wants to know where your ass is 24/7? Piss & bitch about the PC all you want. I'll go ahead and crash right here.

So, box Sherman & Mr. Peabody's ears again, fast forward to today. Here we are a week into Sony's PS3 server crash and he's still in denial. At least it's the first step; dependent what program you're in, but I don't see these fucks starting any rehabilitation of any sort. I digress...

Just like the days back in the VHS/BETA wars, Sony has/is under the misconception that they are capable of controlling the human condition. Same as several other rich, maniacal fucks out there in the world today. [just today they wield a checkbook instead of a knife or firearm] Now that Sony has so much Greed, it has turned to using 'greed' as its own tool for trying to control the influx of more money, thus the hopes of more power. This in turn produces more greed. Granted nobody writes Greed as a perk or character trait on a resume, but it seems to rear its ugly head after prolong period of exposure.

Here's a little better explanation of where I'm going... Lessons learned from the VHS/BETA debacle in the 80's, Sony does its damnedest to get set for the bluray/HD-DVD war to come out in 2000's. After years setting itself as being an industry standard and setting records as such, the public won't be so short to dismiss Sony when the time comes once the unveiling starts.

Even though hd-dvd is touted as being cheaper and just as quality (image & interactive), Sony boxes their sales with the hackers and pirates in full mind. You see, they KNEW/KNOW people are still going to be cost conscious when it comes time to a purchase. It will be in the long run eventually, despite what Sony thinks.  [internally not commercially/publicly, be smart people...]

A gyotdamn game that's $60 can only be bought once. I don't give a shit what you say. My kids break it, they can fuck off, I'm not buying it again. Sony says I can't copy that game, even though I bought it and it sits in “MY” house (that I bought and paid for, not Sony). The LAW says that I can.

Sony built equipment for computers and the home market designed with the soul purpose of being able to write 50GB of information to a disk that can be removed from that drive and then be placed on your shelf just like that as your other dvds. The hd-dvd format could only support 30GB at its maximum. 

Knowingly & supporting the need of human greed in the computer marketing schemes and storage capacity forced the death of the hd-dvd market.  People inherently 'wanted' computer components that would handle larger storage rates, equated this with the bluray players/drives and made their choice.   [haters, purists & other whiners will want to throw in Sony's ability to corner movie marketing rights too, but I have to keep this shit short...]

Knowing all this now, we have to wonder, “what the fuck were you thinking when you (Sony) decided to put the screws to the same people when you want them to keep paying bullshit money for the same technology, over & over again!?!” One, it's just another scheme added to the “something for nothing” blotter, that's for sure.

You remember that game I copied for the kids that I KNEW they were going to break? Yeah, well come to find out Sony made it to where I can't play the game I recorded onto the dvd drive THEY made, onto the disk they made (or sanctioned), which I inserted back into the game machine they built. So explain that one to me...

Along comes a group of individuals we'll call hackers. I'm going to call them the good guys because that's what I used to do under the hood of my car and other devices 'back in the day'. We figure shit out when nobody would give us the answers & we couldn't afford nor pay your bloated bullshit wages for the information. So these guys come along and blindly found a bullshit way to play the game on the machine I bought, in my house. They “share” the technology with me. It didn't cost a dime.

But Sony catches wind of this, has such a shit fit that the burning embers from the coffee cup sized cigar fall into the ass of his Hadi Teherani chair, thus the combination of combustible phlegm & flames shoot his ass into orbit.

Not only does Sony think “he” owns the unit in the house, the house, the game, “you”, the kids, the guy the wrote the program that got the damn game to re-run on the game system, but the damn software that actually got it to run on the system! So now Sony's going to sue, me, the hacker, the disk maker, the marker company (that I used to write the title on) & the carpeting manufacturer, cause Sony just fucking don't like them.

People have wanted to piss and bitch at me in other forums about being a socialist. They have even gone as far as even inference that I was a Nazi. Having been in the military and a staunch advocate of the first amendment (USA) I'll support their right to speak their mind, but I will literally crucify 'them' with extreme prejudiced if you want to go that route. No one deserves that. Unless you really were one.

I used to believe in capitalism and what it “used” to work/stand for. My grand folks busted their asses for my entire life and instilled the exact ethic, but for what. They beat themselves to death to enjoy what the healthcare system has stolen.

All the products we purchase dare us to fuck with them so they don't have to “honor” any warranty.  Not only do you buy the damn thing, it barely does as advertised.  Then when you call them on their shit, you get baited into purchasing something else to complete the original function or pay to repair what wasn't your fault due to a 'slip of the tongue'.

What the fuck have any of our society’s become?

Granted, some of us have brought it upon ourselves. In that a good portion of us use the phrase, “I'm as good as my word.” only to mean shit. In the US that alone can be taken to the bank for sure. No wonder the rest of the world laughs at us.

So what does this have to do with Sony or Steve Jobs? I'm not so sure that it has anything to do immediately to do with these two, individually.

It does shed light on a disturbing trend across the global community however. One that I have been commenting like a mutated beaver through a toothpick forest for a while. And that note is a corporate trend toward human control.

Not mind control! I'm not ready for a fucking tin foil helmet and the fucking billboard with declarations of world doom yet, but there is a real disturbing push for this - medicate this & that, sit down - shut up, super complicating the legal system, megalopolis telecommunication. Truthfully anything can be had by ordering online; including the ability to procreate (dating...), groceries, most income...

Now that fuel is taking on a sky rocketing cost again, other than the excuse of puritanical bullshit, what is the reason? Limiting travel perhaps? And if so, is there a reason and what is that reason?

I don't want conspiracy. I'm not that kind of writer, don't want to be that kind, ain't gonna be that kind, I want to bitch and fight with the fucks that hide behind money and that feigned power that money bought.

No, Sony isn't the lost fifth member of the Luminati and Steve isn't the slobbering retarded knuckle dragging cousin bringing up the rear. I'm simply stating that as technology and humanity evolves so does Greed and its growth patterns.

It has always been said, the most brilliant thing discovered have also been the simplest in design. If we don't maintain simple common sense and tell these assholes, “NO!!! You can't have $65 a game, that's too much! You get to charge $25 a game and that's it.” Then, “some” of this shit will stop. [in perspective guys. Give me a minute here...]

Now before you fucking haters start going off, here's a lesson in entertainment 101...

Game company gets a contract for a game... It's a bunch of money, but it's basically all they get to COMPLETE the game and that's it! Unless there is further stipulation or extenuating circumstances for a little bit more money, that damn thing had better be finished, on time and for that amount. NO fucking exceptions!!!

All those 'artists' the fucking whiners and bleeds and hips piss and bitch about getting 'paid' and that the pirates are ripping off that everybody are being made to hate on??? Yeah you guys need to suck a dick hard and fast. Those poor artists got paid early on. Probably not very well either. Just like everybody else, they got fucked by the machine of “we'll get picked up later”, just like every body else.

The music industry has fucked people like this since Edison, catch up people.

Gaming Industry 101 continues with Sodomy 789 with Marketing 989 by fucking the artists who did the packaging & other goodies to get it out to the store and on the tv & & & & & ….....

Those business houses had already been paid as well guys. That $60 a game made/make up for the out of pocket expense the bean counter “PROJECTED” he was going to spend. Once he got your money in his pocket, he lied to the bank about he got first so he could make “theoretical” cash first so that interest would be there to start the cash flow on paying off the loan on the original game R&D. Then your money would be gravy on the next game or movie or, or, or...

If I know it's Kid Rock and his guys that made the album sending me the recording that got my $12, then I have no problem giving him the $12. It's his money right? Common sense. Definitely $7. But if some asshole comes up and says he has Kid Rock's album, he want's $20 for it, but Kid only gets .12/.14 cents for his trouble... how hard are you going to tell him to go fuck himself? Are you going to believe ANY story about how hard 'he' had to work to get that album to you?

I didn't think so...

So how much of the "intellectual property" REALLY belongs to Sony?  Pushing a piece of paper across the table, making a yes/no decision, readjusting your nuts, making a pass at your secretary, taking a trip to Taiwan to fuck a 8 year old boy and suing a dumb assed vocal hacker for his opinion on a blog doesn't merit your bloated 7.5+ million bonus either.


  1. So- you got caught making blu-ray copies of "Bodacious Ta-Tas Too"?

    I'd come watch the fireworks at that courtroom...

    Ever since the advent of "Intellectual Property" came into full swing [thank you Disney, Eisner, Jobs and Gates- to name only a microscopic few] everybody except the Linux crowd and the beta tester crowd thinks their brains are worth money.

    Edison wasn't an inventor- he quite literally invented NOTHING- he knew how to take ideas from people he paid to think and made them into marketed products people wanted to buy. He was a plagiarist, thief and infringed on copyright before copyright was barely a term.

    Even in an utopia there's inherent danger...


  2. I should have said "hypothetical"... there is no caught in any of this.

    I would be pissed at having the idea, the talent, but not the tools or money to actually create the prototype of a working device, but then to turn around and have an asshole spill a few hundred bucks make it function say that it his? I may make a million, bu does that SOB really deserve 400 million? The answer is no, I don't care what your philosophical argument is.

    I'm sure Tesla would agree.

  3. Tesla, Melliese [French movie director that made "Voyage to the Moon" that Edison stole and printed up to show in USA theaters- all out-n-out plagiarism] THE true inventor of the light bulb...

    Sony has always been an iron fisted over-hyped magnate of their products- they ramp up the specks and it looks great- but they do the proverbial "candle burning at both ends- lasts half as long" model of production.

    Is ANYBODY worth 400 mill/bill/trill...?


    But if the cocksucker can ask it and get it [notice I didn't say "demand" it?] and sheep are willing to pay... then they deserve it.

    Doesn't mean I don't want it too- doesn't mean I won't get it [time's running out though- huh, Bro?] doesn't mean I'm anything less than ball-burnin' jealous but I don't have ANY right to his $$$ anymore than he has a "right" to mine.