Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you scared...? They are just words...

It has come to my realization (as an insects asshole does when it comes in contact with a speeding automobile windshield) that I “might” have scared a few readers from wanting to read my blog.

After some additional research I am beginning to get the impression that the blogging universe is being pigeonholed as a coffee shop, highbrow-ed, haiku, crispy nibbling bunch of wispy whiners that might not have the consciousness to make the attempt at educated potty humor.

Don't blow a snot ball on yourself or do a stereotypical 'spit-take' to think such humor couldn't/wouldn't exist. Dennis Miller tried it for years and Bill Maher still seems to be making a good go at it, so eat me.

Now I'm not going to immediately tell you I'm the same caliber of comedian as Bill, seeing as I haven’t honed a career at comedy for the last 25+ years, nor am I as graced in political satire. However, I sure as hell know current events and have experienced things in this world that he hasn't. Call me “Joe the Plumber” without the political agenda and a realistic approach to world views.

Besides, I'll be damned if I'll play bitch to somebody else's agenda and then have to back peddle like a fiend when I verbally step on my dick. Nah... when I fuck up, I'll fuck up for myself and deal with it in my own fashion.  Thank you very much. I'll choose to apologize or not, that'll be on my initiative, not someone else. At least you'll know if it is genuine.

Given the climate and cynicism of today's personality trait I would certainly perish the thought to think that a few words scrolling across the screen could have that affect in today’s society anyway. Most certainly 'here' in the good ol' USA of all places.  Then again, there are professional pissers & moaners out there looking to make a buck off of anything these days.

I mean, we have 24 hour news networks with polished beauties that spill such things as train wrecks, sodomized children, dictators enacting genocide (with pictures none the less), adulterating state officials all parading from their glossy lips while dancing images across our high definition giant screens no less. While I, another nameless twerp, who spills some black and white about more 'nameless' individuals (trying to minimize the global stupidity)  and somehow feels I might have offended.

Don't get me wrong, that's what I'm looking for, but a little response would have been nice. I think where I have been snubbed is the lack of the latter. My own contradictory narcissistic demand for being slammed is for not having been... quantifiably... slammed? Or maybe I'm just a bit self victimized by the same 'instant-gratifying' Frankenstein monster that corporate America has created and I'm pissing & moaning too early. I.e., it's only been about a dozen blogs & what the hell did I expect? Some folks have written for a couple of years before getting an audience.  Whine, whine, whine...

Personally, I thought the Apple computer fanboys would come out of the stone walls like the old 70's movie "Bug" and tore me a new one. Seeing as a complete PHD dissertation could be written trying to cover all the bases regarding the pros & cons of the Mac/PC war. That subject alone, hell, I could have set the internet back at least 5 years again. Not that I wanted that either. That's like playing politics... I feel dirty... Somebody get me a rape kit.

What I'm getting at is; Russell's Rules and the somewhat terse nature of my blog is designed for a few reasons, of which will obviously follow...

I have lived a hard life. Some, not of my choosing, and some I chose; some of those choices in broke from my control. Those definitely returned varying levels of comfort which we have all experienced: we've all been there and yet the largest number of us all still here. Yet this process isn't going to change either.  Yet, out of all the choices I made, a large bulk of them I didn't get the privilege to make.

The problem in our world is that there are some folks out there getting to do even more choosing for others right now. For those people that EARNED it, I congratulate them. It's the folks that are being taken advantage of, being coerced or are in some form or fashion incapable of being able to make your choices for your life (big or small); those are the folks I'm trying to write in place for. Both seriously and comedicly.

But then here we go with some of the 'high-minded' folks who might say “I'm putting words in 'their' mouths. And then my strong opinionated potty mouth retorts with 'fuck you', there are a several dozen news pundits putting words in peoples mouths everyday across the nation. 

How about I tell you, I have several art degrees... therefore I'm an artist, on record. Thus, being an artist, my writings are considered art. Sorry, you can't argue that, it'll stand up in the Supreme Court and the First Amendment too (I've had master degree courses, first year law too. Went spazzo, didn't get the degree, another story). So as an artist, I am constantly writing my works to evoke an “emotional response” so to best cover the largest number of 'like' individuals.  You know, folks that immediately have an affinity for my work to begin with.

Man, with a write-up like that make your checks payable to..... or Paypal for $10K at That's not a real site, so don't go there, remember, “humor”  [edit:  actually I think it is...  but I'm not supporting his ass unless he supports me... so there...]

It just so happens my first couple of works happened to scare a bunch of folks off or so that's what my interpretation is (at the moment).

This blog is also designed with a cheap “trip to therapy” in mind.

Lets be honest. Somewhere, somehow shit has gotten out of hand. Each generation has always said that the next generation is for shit and the earth is going to hell, but I really do think this time we may be in store for the real thing.

I'm not crying Chicken Little here or the whole biblical Armageddon, broken eighth seal shit, but some of those religious nuts may start to pull out their trump cards in a minute and we won't be able to stop them.

There are no more lands to explore anymore. So the idea of greedy land owners racing off to another territory to start over after they've raped and pillaged one place into oblivion (and are about to be prosecuted) is out of the question. I have already stated this about the middle east & we're seeing what greed's saturation has caused there. Now what's to happen in the 'more civilized' countries.

Folks, there's nowhere else to run. We're completely out of 'new territory'. We can't escape to a place where your hands can turn the soil, hard work pays for itself, common sense is its own reward, the law of the land.

What I'm basically trying to say is; bring back part of our social past that so many of our futurists so vehemently oppose before we loose our humanity.

Pain, humility, humble, thanks, gratitude, moderation, maintenance, respect, seniority. Sure, everyone has a voice, but in fucking turn and just because your senior it doesn't mean we have to go with 'your' idea, but respect WILL be shown.

Naturally the younger generation WON'T understand this, they've been led to believe the spoon in their ass is there (placed by divinity) to feed them through the rest of their lives and that everyone owes them this. For which they owe nothing. As a parent, I understand wanting to give your kids the things you didn't have, but that's the worst thing you could have done to them.

I'm not saying they can't have it.  What you should have given them was the tools to get it for themselves. Oh, you want a new bicycle? Then get up at 0600 with me for the next two weeks and help me put the roof on the house. When the child does “exactly” that, give them the money, take them to the store, they chose the bike and they take responsibility for it's upkeep. PERIOD! They were taught to fish.

Futurists want to bitch about cruelty and fairness. I say, “FUCK YOU!!!”

My kids still had bicycles and game machines, TVs and computers.  But when the economy completely fails, my sons will walk to your door, knock, then take 3 steps back and lay their belongings down at the foot of your steps and wait for you to answer the door.

As you answer the door, their hands will be fingers laced in front of themselves so you can see them. They will then ask if there is any work that needs doing around your property for a meal that day.

They will then do that job with no bitching, no whining, no complaining with a yes Maam or Sir; to whom it was that answered. When the job is completed, they will ask if there is anything else. If not, they will wait outside until dinner time, a minimum of 30 feet from the house.

After they eat, they'll thank you, and then they will completely leave your property.

New (ish) parents... what would YOUR kids do?

21 year old people or younger:  one, could/would you have known to do the same thing, much less have done it? Two, do you have the guts to do it, much less the pride?

This is why I'm writing the blog...

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  1. "Well Done carries greater valor than "Well Spoken".

    Right Bro?