Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Armageddon... No, not the movie...

Last time we were together I spoke about a conspiracy that told of the earth ending somewhere around the tune of about 4 years from now.

Now's about the time a whole slew of you fuckers start taking flight from a high power line like a murder of crows strait from a scene out of a Hitchcock film, spouting off about my having donned the double sided billboard, tin foil helmet and touting the “prophet of doom” speech. Pointing your fingers, “That was what “you” were going to spin it into.”

“Spin”... isn't that the new word for “lie” now? That's like saying “heavy petting” instead of jerking off or finger banging. Where the longest time social elitists and basically uptight people have always been trying to find a way of 'saying it, without having to say it'; leave it to the uncouth advertising agencies of today and Hollywood turds/writers to break the molds (yeah, right; me & a bunch of drunken old people have been doing it for eons) of “proper etiquette” to finally just come right out and blather the cold hard fact of whatever is they're selling.

It's our society's inability to deal with the truth that seems to merit painting the offending situation in a gray pallor. Case in point... last time I wrote on how we (society) had 'tangled & twisted' everything we do so tightly around the removal of guilt that adults can no longer tell a child (or another adult for that matter) the simple rules of what is right or wrong. Bet you still can't do it.

“Mommy/Daddy, is it wrong to steal?”

“Yes dear. You shouldn't steal.”

“But what if you're family is starving?”

Some of you fuckers just had a brain freeze right there. I challenge that very subject for why our world/society is going to have a little mini-Armageddon here IN ABOUT 4 Years.

“Russ has lost his shit for sure...” Yeah, right. And the last Republican president can easily be recorded as a religious zealot, just as radical as the morons running around in the sand as the media is presenting them to be over in the middle east right now... Remember, the Reagan's had astrologers come in and do a little magic of their own as well during their stay at the white house too. [yes, yes, it was more so Nancy, but she is the president's wife...}

If our society simply said, “stealing is WORNG! Punishment is the equivalent of labor twice the value of the bread...” then there probably wouldn't be a huge issue. But there always going to be an asshole that says he can't get a hard-on anymore because of the violation due to the theft and then the money loss due to the hens that won't lay eggs cause of the midnight break in and, and, and … fuck him in the post toasty, gristly nostril, you crusty shorts troll. Equally, if the thief that stole the bread pulled a gun and emptied the cash drawer, hit the baker, raped the daughter... we get the idea.

Where it has gotten grossly out of hand is the grinding halt that our legal system thinks it needs to be in order to seek justice. Wrapping something up in complexity and mystery won't keep people cowering in fear forever. I'd like to call it the shady tree mechanic effect of social evolving.

When cars entered the mainstream of transportation and folks became more comfortable using them, garages started popping up all over the nation. At first, the garages were sponsored by oil companies and the actual garages that manufactured the vehicles. Later, the garages associated with the manufacturer’s were just that, just with the places that you bought the car, the oil companies were repairs associated with where you bought fuel, but what I'm interest with are the garages that sprouted up in fringe areas that couldn't support a garage by a major manufacturer.

These guys were the wizards of their time and here's why. They weren't educated by the assembly lines of Detroit. They didn't have any of the expensive manuals, chances are they didn't have many or any of the catalogs for the parts. They simply had the guts to get under the hood and turn a wrench to figure out what made the damn things tick. Once they did, the knowledge they garnered separated them from all the other garages... they shared their knowledge with EVERYBODY. They didn't make it a secret.

So, once 'you' figured out that it really only cost about $20 to change your oil and how easy it was to do, why the hell would you have the garage do it for $45, right? Unless your a Greedy prick with money to burn. So now, the garage charges $25 to change your oil. That's a fair price for not getting your hands dirty in my book & the mechanic get's to get his kids notebooks for school too.

The LAW went the same way back in our country's infancy. You killed somebody, you got your ass hanged. It was also COMMON SENSE law. If you stole something and were cornered with the crime, you were told to empty your pockets. There was none of this “rights” shit. Embarrassing, hell yes. If you were acting guilty, then chances you were up to something that needed your ass being busted. There was also a good chance that you didn't go to jail either. You damn sure got thrown out of the store and never got to shop there again unless you asked the store manager (politely!) and he walked next to you the whole time. That's the penance you paid for being a fuck up.

Humiliation. I learned it and despite my wife and a few of the fucked up American populace of the United States, I have done my level best to teach it to my kids. And a few other fucked up kids while their parents were looking or not too.

Hey, if aren't going to raise your miserable shitty little kid, then fuck you in the mouth with my whale sized prick when I step up to do the job. I grew up when it was still kosher to get your ass smacked by a total stranger for 'smart-assing', then taxi-ed back home, handed back to your folks and then entertained with another ass beating for having 'smart-assed' a complete stranger.

Now I get the pleasure of growing up correctly by having a three year old snot nose, I don't even know, telling me to go fuck myself? Not twice in a row mind you and definitely not by the kid standing next to him if they happen to see the aftermath once I get hold of the little shit, then it's “yes sir, no sir”... I don't even let a fresh off-the-boat from Afghanistan Marine tell me that without the proper Sergeant at the end of that sentence (respect gyotdamnit!).

All of this in less than about 35 to 40 years by my calculations. I have bore witness to people literally fighting for rights and liberties (just common ones, nothing special), to the point they are literally debating the very definition of the word “NO”. Now, with all the rights, lack of humiliation, dilution of sin/guilt and the ambiguity of whether a crime has even been committed, people are pure plain, piss pot, flat fucking tired of it and there will be a revolt. What kind of 'revolt', I can't narrow it down that far, but I can probably get it close.

Here's what it's becoming so far.

Greed fuckers... Money and lies have taken most of the cash and stock piled it into a hole where most people can't get to it fast enough to do themselves any good. Either to buy food, storage, housing, weapons, whatever the means that the word “cash” gives access to and makes it necessary for a person to feel safe in a time that is akin to “the calm before the storm”. When the shit really starts to get bad and you need to get at your 'money', you may be in really big trouble! The biggest indicator here will be that banking hours will be less convenient or wiring funds will have a lot more “down for servicing”issues. You've been warned.

This is Greed's bullshit idea of control. With financial control there is an illusion that everything else will tow the line and fall into place. These people are also the ones who look down their noses and think that their paled hands built your homes and Prada shoes built your highways. Far from true in our little Armageddon...

Liers as a whole... I'm not talking about the silly bastard that said 'I love you' so he could get into your panties last night after the bar date either (silly twat). I'm talking about much more pressing matters than some fucking Saturday night diddle drama shit that a small dose of Ranger candy and some pasta can't cure inside of 15 minutes.

I'm talking about a group of people who could be both pitied and despised, interchangeably or together. These people are a group that went into a distinguished career with originally noble goals that then got polluted into the cesspool that it is now, or they got into it fully knowing that it is a clamoring narcissistic way to make a buck. These individuals are also the ones who make policies governing nations. Policies on how you spend you money, where & how the money is taken from you (that you earned) and how it is spent, what nations are defended, who we go to war with & why, what you can do with your body... the list begins to become daunting and strangely intertwines into Greed's twisted plot and ever expanding belt-line.

The sad thing about Liers is that they end up believing their own bullshit (bullshitters are another breed altogether, but everyone usually sees them coming). Liers that once stood for a noble cause, can become jaded and then lose faith. Then we all know how that can turn out.

My point to all this is: The Greed, Liers and Bullshit artists have all masterminded their way into the mainstream so deep that the proper thinkers who could retake control of the situation have sat back too long trying to formulate a proper plan to get them out of there (“there” is metaphor for places of power). Obviously if these guys stay in power for much longer their removal is going to take an even more radical procedure. Think I'm kidding? I hinted at in Capitalism. It's being played out on the news networks every evening and has cyclically played out historically since record keeping took place.

Our mini-Armageddon is going to look something like the labor strikes back in the late 70's & early 80's, but more condensed. Meaning, instead of different organizations taking their leave at different times, each at their chosen moments (and most for modest amounts of time) I believe that the nation will (not necessarily as a conscious effort) act as one and strike as one giant labor force against (pluh, bullshit whomever).

My hope would be that it would start a new grass roots movement back to common sense law, ass beatings (non gender specific; start from toddler & move past Donald Trump), truth in advertising, flat taxes, death penalties for pedophiles, no professional politicians and a slew of other (not necessarily) simple social/infrastructure solutions that could lead to getting the US back to being not a great place, but back to being the greatest place on earth.

But don't you dare put words in my fucking mouth... I still wouldn't trade her for anything...

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