Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did I miss something?

It seems that I have my first hate mail.

That's what I'm calling it anyway.

I was going to start off by writing something stupid like,. “I don't know where to begin...”, but then there are two sentences hanging above this one there in the dark...

I would have liked to dedicate this blog to a group of individuals for being really deep, dark, foreboding and thinking up an intellectual diatribe of information that just beat the living shit out of me for how I didn't investigate something deep enough, or misquoted my sources, or plain flat out kick me in the balls for being mean spirited.

Come to find out I was um... a potty mouth. And, “I don't like your politics.” ???? Whaa...?

Speckled peckers of fucked herring, you have got to be kidding me?

There were a couple of other issues, so long as I don't go into any grand detail; suffice to say border somewhere along the lines of owning a used car in relation to 'not' liking or continuing to read my blog. Clear as mud, right? Yeah, the reasoning sounded just as clear to me as well.

Let's take it in one bite at a time.

Well... I don't like the Republican party, so I didn't go to their convention. Can't bitch there, right? I'm not a Catholic either, so going into one of their services and complaining isn't wise, same for a Baptist service, Pentecostal and so on. So we can be straight forward with the political inclinations, but are we also talking about 'implied' politics? Possibly something within the subject matter?

The subject matter of the blog(s) as a whole, well... Um... One moment... Did you happen to read Russell's Rules at all? I shouldn't have to mention the fact, it is “MY” blog (also encompassed in Russell's Rules) and is so very easily rectified by writing your own fucking blog. Subjects are also 'subject' matter to satire... not that I want to make light of everything in the world today, but for shit's sake... It is getting to a point that things are both funny and 'not' funny. I'm taking both sides of the fence. Or splitting it down the middle; so much so that my nuts get to choose sides.

But the take on profanity... Now we have to talk here... Russell's Rules covered this for one, so mentioning this for a third time is just pissing me off to no end. I mean ten blogs and I have to bold font Russell's Rules into the stratosphere? BULLSHIT!

If you can sound off with Gunnery SGT Hartman's entire speech to his raw recruits from “Full Metal Jacket” only having seen the movie one time and yet it takes me several viewings; don't give me this shit about being 'put off' about profanity.

That's like bitching about a $4 gallon of gas, but drive a vehicle that gets 6 miles to the gallon and do nothing to either make the vehicle more efficient or get a more efficient vehicle, period. I might even go as far as say to you bitch about how the country is being run, but be the kind of individual who had never registered to vote or turn up to actually cast it.

Frankly, I don't want to waste my time writing a bunch on this particular subject matter in this blog. It's my tenth. I'm not making it political. I'm not going to whine. But I am going to say, it's people like this that I warned to stay far away. They'll get pissy and hurt, but have absolutely NO manner in which to validate WHY it makes them feel that way.

Not to exacerbate the situation, but it isn't going to stop me. I would like to give them a fare reason to hate/resent/respect me for my position though. If nothing else, laugh in my face.

It's quite simple actually; I don't believe in your God. Don't piss in my pool. I'm not gay. I'm not stupid. Your kid isn't the smartest on the planet. You're not God's greatest gift to (whichever gender). I'm not buying. You don't have the biggest dick. Your beaver isn't made of gold. The world exists for your spoil.

I'm not out to ruin someone's life here. I'm taking everyday observations and throwing my common sense (which this person seems to think I have failed or lost) at it with the assistance of an AT4 and seeing who's plate glass window it sticks to. If it goes through we'll look through that surface and see what's on the other side. If it doesn't, then we stop there and call it art. Fuck it; it's that simple. Like everything else, practice your fucking rights and change the fucking channel.

I would challenge my brother to some of this shit, but he really is a Republican (& I promised no politics) & he hasn't got the money to follow that kind of political structure so... what the fuck... I'm supposedly the dumb ass... Help me out here guys.

Different blog, different subject, different forum altogether...

Did I hear correctly, Illinois was legalizing hemp as lawn greenery?


  1. For the record- much like The Elephant Man...


    I'll take a bite outta any shit sandwich you wanna toss and still make you cry.

    Anyone with "Politician" as their job title needs to be beaten with a well-oiled mackerel until slimy and unconscious. then WE steal their $50 and jump out their windows- even if it's Butt-Bumpin'-Barney.

    Mean Spirited? Ask the "enlightened, free-love, fuck-in-the-mud throwback hippies all about their "demeanor" at such rallies as the ones in Arkansas where they trashed the state capital because of the "collective bargaining" vote that the cowards there fled to the USSR of Illinois...

    Bring your common sense and I'll bitch slap it with my own version- you mumbling pie-hole of idealism.



  2. What The Fuck Was That!!!?!

    I'm going to have to go back and look for some of my Crypto buddies... I'll go ahead and bite the idealism shit sammich, but... wha...?

    It's for this very reason I won't jump on the political bandwagon. Everybody starts chugging the acid laced baby piss of the newest professed god-king who claims he/she is going to carry them out the shit hole they allowed themselves to be carried into in the first place..

    Only to turn around, start taking huge fucking bites out of the gangrenous drug laced bullshit steak dinner they have in place for election... then like the a vacuum cleaner to the Christmas tree lights, the anti-climax is over, we all figure out we've been thrown in a taxi with just enough cab fair to drop our asses off three blocks shy of the house.

    God-king tells us that we all agreed to shit we have no recollection of and we all rub our heads wondering if we were clubbed or if it was a hangover.

    Common Sense, OK... Bargaining with the neighbor to stay of my property is still 'hit or miss'. Common sense tells me, I blow up a stray dog in my yard, that same neighbor may want to avoid me.

    Dependent on the neighbor... depend on the common sense. Bargaining is a complete and utter afterthought.

    Your volley...