Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm not a part of the Socialist party....

Alright, just cause I have the word 'social' in the title of my blog does not mean I’m a socialist.

For the love of god... I'm not a religious man, I just needed a 'moment' & a recognizable exclamation there...

Somebody out there in cyberia decided to string me along and drag me into a bit of the political butt-holery by skimming through a couple of my earlier blogs. That's all fine and dandy, but apparently my take on capitalism and its endless nom-nom machine through America's asshole set him off (only slightly, it's not like this guy went off the deep end and started death threating me).

Apparently I wasn't clear enough in my claims that the fortune 500 have pretty much wiped out 'all' the wealth needed to keep America afloat and have made us all look like complete asses in the world banks. I can't comment on the offended individual's economic education; I mean a few sentences on a public forum does not a person make (I'm defending you here guy, so don't get a case of the ass quite yet). I can only suppose he was playing devil's advocate in stating that not all corporations are 'evil'. To an extent I'll muddy up to, but as the folks at this Amway meeting down in Florida were telling me, “Walt Disney didn't go into building Disney World to make (me) rich.”

Now this guy didn't come outright with guns-a-blazing , nostrils flaring, blood shot eyes and phlegm shooting out of his ass screaming that I was a full blown socialist. But I will say that a couple of his naive, condescending comments of capitalism being the backbone of our country and that socialism being the peoples groveling choice to the government for permission, was my solution choice... well, that's mean spirited & juvenile. I would almost say borderline high school senior social studies or junior college government course kind of comment.

Here I thought I was pretty heavy handed with blaming the corporate financial institutions, some Wall Street insider banking pricks, then working my way down to the smaller interstate banks that fucked over mid America (I would say small to poor America too, but we don't have shit at all). I don't really remember bashing the corporate manufacturers that heavily, but I'll allow it for the moment.

Truth be known (and if your under the age of 40 you might as well just skip a couple of paragraphs anyway) there hasn't been a quality built/manufactured item that hasn't cost a ton of cash for quite sometime anyway. Oh, a few computer components like HDDs, sound cards and stuff like that seem to last a LONG time and keep right on going. I'm talking about things that take daily use and constant contact that just don't stand the test of time. Watches, cooking utensils, toys, some clothing, automobiles; things that we really do depend on for day to day living. Don't last for shit.

Some items have had to wait on technology (of course), but that 'should' have been the 'fix all', when oddly enough, the technological implementation invoked the exact opposite. When I get a technologically superior toothbrush that knocks the balls off a charging rhino in my hands why do I see reports of record setting levels of gingivitis being set all over the fucking US?

This is a Capitalism country... I thought this kind of reverse engineering happened in the socialist regions that my 'admirer' was commenting on. Is 'this' what he was so proud to be supporting? I'm sure as fuck not.

These Capitalists are also dumping their (our?) money into the very socialist (which was supposed to be me, I thought) countries that are actually manufacturing the goods (with the jobs we're supposed to be doing) that we're buying, that we are then in turn are not allowed to mess with after the purchase. [Part on the Hacking blog later]

Now who sounds like a socialist fucking nation to you?

I don't ask my government when to go to bed, my fucking HMO does that. My fucking car insurer tells me where and when I can drive. If I drive too far or to a designation beyond my original statement, they won't cover me in an accident.

My bank doesn't see fit to tell me when they want to charge my checking account for fees or on what date that may be or how much that charge may actually be once my account falls bellow $500.

There are many more instances like this and they ('your' wonderful capitalism America [I now make my call-out]) all hide under the old “you don't ask, I won't do shit” policy. I don't give a fuck what you say, it isn't all in the fine print of that little contract/tri-fold they send home with you either.

Let's be honest, unless I make mention of sticking a tazer to my nuts every couple of paragraphs you folks might make it through one of these long assed blogs either. So do you REALLY read all that paperwork that comes with your new iPud or laptop? Don't lie to me, I can't hear you. I can barely make it through a third proof read...

I'm not sure what the fellow challenging my patriotism thinks I want 'handed' to me in his professed socialist commune, but it's obvious he didn't 'read' my blogs.

He did at least glean from my 'rants' a summation I'll define as a “class warfare” that you would have to be more blind than Helen Keller than to not see. I just find the classification a bit more harsh, but not far from the truth. It's just too early for that particular language and yet not too harsh for an example.

Let's say Mr. Capitalist was in a car wreck with one of the corporate moguls he's defending.

Both have the exact same injuries, but they need to be operated on.

When they get to the hospital, there is only one surgeon. The injuries these guys have won't really kill them, but they are in great pain. So, one guy's going to be in a bunch of pain while the other goes under the knife to be fixed.

Who goes first?

Great little moral/ethical question right? Well, I'm punching my Capitalism fellow in the ass for not reading my blogs more carefully. You see, in this little story he only had $100 in his wallet when he came into the emergency room. Neglecting his ethics and morals (he's probably a great guy and willing to make the sacrifice because he's a great human being) of our Capitalism crying defendant, I'm banking on the lack of moral and ethical character of the other individual. Purely on nothing more than the speculation and actions of his predecessors/mentors before him.

You see, the Sony executive was on his way to a big beef, liquor and all you can eat hooker outing with the Japanese clients that night and he had $3K in his wallet, so without further ado and no interest in his tolerance for pain (and damn sure no interest in your fucking pain) bribed his way into surgery first.

THAT'S the class warfare I am trying to write about. Splitting cunt hairs about the name of an organization not having an affect on someone is so juvenile it bears being publicly beating. So saying Sony, McDonold's, LiteBrite, Ford, didn't cause the world's economy to collapse, didn't make you loose your house: is so still “sucking your momma's left tit” I should bust your ass for playing with matches!

Of course the NAMES of the fucking companies had nothing to do with any of it.

I'm talking/writing about people and their actions or lack there of. The corrupt individuals that horded moneys and then used that money to compound even more corruption until it got to where it is now; that's where I wish to strike a hammer. They hide under the title of these of these companies. Haven't one of you Einsteins seen when one of these dicks gets caught? They get a bonus and they move to another organization and try it again.

The problem is some of these assholes really do still know what they are doing. They are still in control of this 'game'. Others are pawns and are usually the ones you see going to prison or are executed; some quietly (drugs, suicide) or publicly (shanked while awaiting trial).

Personally, I think my little capitalism friend has a problem with 'asking', pure and simple.

He may talk a good game of “work hard and the rewards of a hard day labor will pay” may breath forth , but I really think he feels that the world is there for his taking.  He's the type that usually get's the 'shank'.

I have been kind to this point. I have no name or user name from the forum that I was reading, so I'm not dogging this guy out this way, but I'm letting other like 'this' know right now; reap what you sow...

I'm a Veteran... I didn't defend a socialist country. I sure as fuck didn't defend what's happening to it right now and what's happening to it right now (economically) is damnable, and that is so understated that profanity still hasn't caught up to the proper definition.

Mr Capitalism... Don't school me. I have learned so much more in my life time than you can imagine. In the few condescending sentences you managed to sum up about me (which were all wrong) I have deduced your demographic make-up and possible geographic local. Impossible you say? Let's see...

You're a white male average height, light colored hair. You don't really play sports and aren't as computer savvy as one is lead to believe. You're in the third year of college dabbling between business and history. You come from a heavily religious household, but you have fought it while away at school. Your folks also follow a Republican political structure. You are still fighting to get into one of the Frat houses on campus, but won't demean yourself to dropping bing cherries out of your ass into martini glasses for initiation. Seeing as your folks don't make 'that' much money you're attending a state school as apposed to the ivy league school you squalled about, but unless you get your sentence structure squared aware better you won't get into the masters program later.

If in closing, we allow for our Zombie Apocalypse, you 'will' be asking me for bread. Because you don't know how to make it. You 'will' be asking me for shelter, because your dumb ass don't know how to build that either. You 'will' be pleading for me to protect you “again.

When in return I only have this to ask you Mr Capitalism, “You had better be asking your worthless ass whether or fucking not I need anything from YOU!!!”

“So Mr Capitalism, what have you got for me?”


  1. I had a really cool 3 page diatribe of my own and GD "Blogspot" ate teh fuckin' thing...

    1- Crony Capitalism, where the gubment and big business get all jizz covered at our expense needs to stop

    2- Progressive Socialists need to be shot and killed wherever they hide- they are Marxist Communists in "sheep's" clothing

    3- Government is not all bad- so long as assholes don't make a career out of being there [the REAL problem right now in our Fed Gov]

    4- Corporate is not all bad- just get rid of the assholes who make a living out of fucking it up and then selling it overseas.

    5- When we "free" a country- don't do it for "free" Iraq, Kuwait, start coughing up oil or money- we don't work for free and we don't come cheap.

    6- Fuck the rest of the world- "the enemy" calls wanting to mind our own business being "isolationist" that's a cute communist trick- they call "minding your own business" in Sweden being "Neutral"- why the double standards- Franco-Fuck-Faces..?

    More later- Iwanna have a sparring match with "Capitalist Boy"...


  2. More on "Capitalist Boy" as the stomach churns...

    I haven't quite gotten rid of him yet... turns out he's a little 3rd year college twit that has just gotten the smell of mommy-daddy nut juice washed off his nut sack and thinks he can play pissing-of-the-shoes with me.

    I just haven't gotten anyone to show their balls on here yet.

    more to come

  3. Round 1.5... update...

    Looks like this was an ideologue idiot that wanted to "take a bite out of shit" and play 'big boy'...

    My newest blog pretty much covers the ins and outs of growing phenomena and what these idiots do. They're not a new group, they just hide better given the internet's anonymity.

    Usually, a wiser senior forum writer and an educated old fart can plain 'brow beat the fuck out' of the offending morn and get them stop for a while, expose them; hopefully often enough that they will either get an education or just disappear.

    Have a read & either get disgusted or enlightened: or finally once again confirmed everything you already knew, just nobody had the balls to put out there publicly.