Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Capitalism is dead...

Capitalism as we know it or were originally educated to believe it to be, is dead.

So before going over the medical examiner’s report as to how he was actually assassinated, be forewarned. I'm not sparing anyone's 'feelings' here. Facts are I could finger you as an accomplice, either bystander or full-on gun smoking.  No, I'm not mentioning names here. It's all hypothetical and in a blanketing fashion. We are ALL guilty to one degree or another, but I'm not going to just stand by and let the 'guilt-by-association' continue to take it in the ass any more. Therefore, let the truly guilty stand judged.

As I'm not the righteous, I'm most certainly not the one standing over Capitalism's corpse with the weapon still smoking either. In a super condensed nutshell, capitalism was supposed to be the process of producing something (A), selling it for a profit (B) and then taking that profit and reincorporating it back into the business, minus the expenses it takes to run and maintain said business.

So long as you maintain the status quo, this 'should' maintain a healthy business structure, blah, blah, blah... Now, without all the business moguls getting a huge baby raping boner ready for my asshole, I do indeed know that there are extenuating facts surrounding business ownership than simply 'buying & selling'. For those folks, I'm not an idiot [Banks & Sodomy], I used to own a business too. I got out of it because I refused to become a criminal in order to keep it. Next contestant...

The “reason” Capitalism died is because there was no room at the table for him/her and Greed. There he is. We all know about his nasty ass. We punish our kids for behaving Greedy. Well some of us do. Some of us think it's cute/funny when our portly little fucker jumps into the Easter fray, knocking all the other little kids out of the way to get the candy, being crude or showing off that they have something newer or nicer than another child has or can afford.

We know what Greed is. That son of a bitch has been around since humans have been shitting in the dust, so there's no sense in me defining it. No to mention the fact that it has been the prime motivator for humankind to pack our shit and move to another continent once its impact has reached a level so disproportionate that a group of people have to get the hell away to regroup and find a level of harmony again. I don't know, British taxation and the American revolution ring a bell? [No, it wasn't the 'only' thing, but it certainly was a huge contributor]

Let's jump ahead about 150 years to the stock market crash of 1929. 'Most' everything is done by small business owners. The American dream is being fought for the best that they can. Forgetting about deplorable work conditions of some of the jobs of the time or the piss poor hiring & firing terms: so long as everyone was following Capitalism's guidelines there was a general consensus that there was indeed a time of prosperity. Until that fateful week in October when all hell broke loose.

Some of you folks reading this aren't going to believe the next line, but here goes: there are experts to this day who still haven't a clue to the discernible factors that caused the crash. Granted, they have several indicators and hints, but no real stack or small pile of dead flies indicating what caused the economic demise.

However, you can damn sure get a big room full of wealthy big dicked, “spinning”, long horned bulls will swear up & down that it was caused large in part due to the over stressed farm lands & displaced farmers who couldn't pay for their farms and then “there you have it”; a basic form of what happened 2008 with the housing lending fiasco.

There's a basic problem with this explanation here folks. One, anybody with this kind of money doesn't have a peter that big and secondly, most greedy assholes think they're smarter than everyone their standing next to. 3LD, when you complicate a lie in order to hide it, you make it easier to see.

Hopefully I'll explain this right... Just like 2008, 1929's crash happened because a bunch of lazy assholes didn't want to work for their money. Greed killed Capitalism & stole his identity. Pasted his picture over his drivers license and everything. Then took mom & pop's money and with every $10 he would then buy a $100 stock option with it (you buy the stock with $10 down owing $90, it's called "buying on the margin").

Now the whole stock market business 'thing' get's mired down in so many lies & so thick that even maggots get nauseated, but suffice to say these assholes would wait for the stock prices to grow exponentially and like fruit, ripen and then sell them off. The problem with this (I can only presume at this point) is that kind of “something-for-nothing” money making scam wasn't acceptable behavior in the European market, especially the German market (who were tired of being ass raped economically in the world market at the time).

So when Bubba Bloated Nuts went to bed the night before thinking he was going to wake up to another mattress loaded full of free cash the next morning, he instead woke to a margin call from the Germans & Dutch that cleaned both him and his investors entirely out (which could have been a bank[s]).

Jump track, Greed, flash forward 70 years, "rumor had it" financially speaking our country was supposedly 'flush' when Clinton was on his way out the door in January, 2001. No politics you pricks... just try to stick to the facts here. When in fact we as a nation haven't been 'flush' ever. Oh, we've been in a comfortable working state... if a habitual gambler sees that last $300 he lost 4 hours ago make back to his stack as being workable as an indication, then yeah, I suppose that's it.

Let's just say I tossed back a couple vodka & tonics and kicked in Sherman's front door demanding that we fly back to 1985 and get a full understanding of just what the hell is going on with the US' finances. Well, after snatching lady liberty's check book and raising an eyebrow to her blatant disregard for shitty book keeping from 1975 to 1985 (seems she wanted to round up to the nearest million, no dollars or cents), there doesn't really seem to be a huge amassing of expenditures. To the layman it seems normal. God forbid, common sense.

It's all the way from 1984 until 2010 that I want to play the part of disgruntled 3 year old when I look at how much money has been flowing out of the old checking account. When I say, “You have got to be fucking kidding me!!!” I simply can't stress that enough! There is literally a steady $250 to 300 Billion increase in spending each year!!! And those are only the figures reported for public record. I'm sure there is more from drug seizures, weapons sales and other forms of commercial sales that don't concern American citizens (I'm practicing my first amendment right to be a smart ass) that would also bolster these number as well).

Granted, conspiracy 'could' run amok & we could flow endless rivers of what was/were, wax poetic of patriotism & our different involvements... that's not going to tackle what I'm getting at here. My particular point here is war and Greed have killed Capitalism. The thought that rotating funds in & out of a war effort is/was a way to get the economy back on track as well as uniting the American people behind a common good.

“Russell!!! You're going off on another one of your tangents again you wordy fuck!!! Make your fucking point!!!”

OK, simply put, Greed is keeping the lie simple. “Give me all your money and I'll make you rich.” Meanwhile, your breaking your ass doing what is expected, following the American dream (or dying for it). That's great!!! I just bought a new car. The wife's car will be paid off in 2 more years. I want a new addition to the house and the oldest will start college in 5 years. I deserve these things.

However, 10 years down the road, your wife has a new 2 seater, you've grabbed up the first six months of your eldest student loans, the youngest is now in college and you're still paying on the finished edition. You “just” turned on the TV and it just so happens that you catch your good ole buddy Greed on the evening news in handcuffs grinning like a Cheshire cat; the cops are reporting something about not having the slightest clue where your money is nor where 300 other folks is either.

So in a blinding rage of panic and confusion you haul ass to his office the next morning to get your money back (because your bank has all but forgotten you ass), instead you're greeted by Greed's platoon of lawyers who tell you that there will be no law suit because there were stipulations in your contract stating that there was always a possibility that you may lose your investments, given that it's high pay off structure were due to it's equally high risk factors. Each lawyer smile condescendingly in turn and hands you a copy of your contract, stapled, strangely pre-folded to the proper pages and each context highlighted. Now what's your stance on torture?

Were you a Greedy fuck too? Yup. Were you as bad as that nasty bastard? Yup! You financed his ass to play the game and when he won, you won too, so don't give me this shit that you lost when the police hauled him off to jail. Seems to me that the rules would say your ass should be in the pen with him. Oh, you weren't conniving or premeditatively malicious, but you always had a thought in your mind, “With more money in my pocket, I'm better”

Granted, this is just a blanketed story. This wasn't the case with Bernie, but there sure was hell some other rat bastards that kept his balls mighty clean that we didn't hear about and I will most certainly be writing about them next time...  I "do" understand there is a flip side to the coin.

Here's a summary hard nutted in a shell...

Rich assed GREEDY dictators of the Arab countries are starting to get their nuts handed to themselves. It's just like it was back in our feudalistic societies, we're seeing our history played out in these countries as their technology and societies start to catch up to ours. I.e., where Greed reaches a saturation point and the poor masses have had enough.

Now Greed has reached a saturation point in the 'more developed' nations and 'we' have damn sure hit a saturation point. I would say it's more akin to “the shit ditch has over run the banks and backed up into the baby's room to the point the kids are making turd dolls”...

It is literally so fucking bad that conspiracy couldn't write this. And yet I'll write it. It is actually quite simple it's mind boggling. Greed, from a laymen involvement level upward, has gotten so bad: and our ability as a society to remove the guilt from what we are doing has complicated the issue of what is simply right or wrong, that I would venture a guess that a low (very low level) world Armageddon is due somewhere in the next 4 years.

Think I'm full of shit? Yeah... The FBI is probably going nuts about now, but I'm not trying to buy out Reynolds Wrap or flat black spray paint for my basement windows yet, but for interest common sense observations, take a look at my next blog and see what you think.

It's not like I'm talking about glowing in the dark here... cut me some slack here.

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