Friday, April 22, 2011

Did you even READ this!?!

There is a new crowd out there in the coffee shop hiding behind his/her laptop know as an ideologue!

Yeah! If you happen to be in the shop reading this be real sneaky... look up real slow and look over your screen... see if you can watch one of them peering over their screen right now. I'll wait.

They're the one's acting like their being watched by one of the Government's alphabet soup for writing encrypted secrets about hidden covert operations that they have never had access to in the first place.

I know, how did I know about these ideologue clowns? Seems I was ousted by one. Which I suppose makes me one?  Therefore, you had to have been one in order to be outed as one, right?  I don't know if that works like Plamegate or Fight Club, but now that my covers blown do I continue to play or do I have to stop writing... I'm so confused over here.  Do I get a pension?  401K... gold watch maybe?

Basically, these assholes appear to be the uneducated, untrained, musically illiterate, untalented, artless twats that can't even pass for poets, that sit in coffee shops sucking down massive amounts of brew and think up 3LD scripts for conspiracy advocates to drool over like drugged up fluff girls over an uncircumcised cock. Seeing as rock bands won't tour to the smaller venues any more these corn-holers use this to groupie up to the next best salad tossing thing.

Problem is you might step into a forum that one of these idiots has spent several months dropping drivel onto high school kids and producing a flock.  In doing so, you run the risk of making a huge enemy.  Something as simple as four educated words from your keyboard undoes 6 months worth of bullshit and now your in a firefight of epic proportions and that's just logging into a quilting chat room.

Trying to open these kids eyes can get you banned in less then 30 seconds and endless minions of tweeby kids are continued to be spoon fed bullshit by a ideologue hero with no more knowledge than what it took to undo his fly (and that might have taken him his lifetime). [pinwheels are cheep, but break so easily]

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Well, nothing I suppose, unless you have stock in Chinese tea options. But it does make me concerned for the shallow minded twats that tune in to read what these feeble minded idiots write each night before they tuck in their 6 year old brides that evening.

I'll admit I have strong opinions on Piracy (music & software, not those greasy assed wafer fucks trying to make an easy buck on the ocean fronts of Somalia), how Capitalism has been corrupted over time or how our kids have grown up to be spoon fed pussies, but I've had time to see the evils of the world and causality of my actions to 'know' what my words can do. Choosing to put them out in this blog is still my choice, but not to a 'closed audience', nor a fringe clientele.

I'm not pitching video games, sports teams, stocks, movies, fashion; pretty much any consumables. So there's no agenda other than my opinion to motivate you to this site. The only thing changing your mind is “you”.

Using the “Finger Pull Piper Pups” by Hasbro game forum, formatted the latest gaming console system is not the best place for lacing your slander about the latest anarchy movement against Sony isn't a great idea! Especially explicit detail on how your organization is going to shutdown their imperialist servers for throwing a hacker (you don't even know) in jail.

The idea 'may' be noble, but are you 'really' sure you want to support 'this' hacker. Not to mention the fact, once your over the age of 18, you can make your own choices to fuck up, US law says kids can't. Which makes ideologues spreading this shit on those servers predators in my book. So, you're just as bad as the ball-less fucks in the Taliban (we'll get to those latent, women hating, closet loathing homosexuals at a later date).

Let's not forget, these little finger bangers wanting to emulate the ideologues are only turning up to figure out how to get to the ass sniffing portion of level 6 and probably give fuck-all about your veil attempt at political involvement anyway.

I suppose it pisses me off when these assholes get on line, wax half-assed poetic about a current event they REALLY don't have a clue about. Then they want to go off on their little type capade with nothing more than a tissue paper moments thought about the affair. Once their self proclaimed Pulitzer is posted (all of about six sentences, not proofread & gutter spoke at best) at face value they sit and wait with baited breath for the first fish to nibble.

Four of five individuals will make some good comments and keep within the confines of the forum, but then this moron will set the hook and pull as though he had landed a 600 pound tuna. It will usually start with a small grammatical faux paux that gets twisted into the forum discussion. The other forum writers, if juvenile, see the name calling as a weakness, then dog-pile in and all is lost. 

The offended ideologue, uses tactics like challenging your educational level, punctuation or grammar (when theirs is like saying Andres Serrano pix are pop up book art for the kids), typical verbal provocation or attacks when it's them doing the attacking; possible slander of one's sexual orientation and then when all else fails, fall upon the old victimizing technique.

The last guy I had the privilege of running into actually ran every claim of the above, at the same time.

I think it was a new worlds record. If not, it was a personal best at the very least for me. It was the one I based the Socialist blog on. [hind site being 20/20 the mother fucker tried to get away with implying I was a Nazi]

Silly fuck had the nerve to imply I was a socialist... then the gall to lecture me on the hows & whys of capitalism and how it made America great... then the fucking balls to marginalize my educational background by brushing my retorts off as “collegiate wanna be twit”? (which he fucking misspelled) with my head up my ass [he was more kind]. He then indeed called me a ideologue, but to my chagrin, misspelled that shit too. [life would really fucking hurt if it weren't so gyotdamn funny]

In all fairness there was another guy, I believe from Australia, trying to iron out the ruffles; but it was getting a little messy in there. But my little ideologue was on a role and in order to keep everything on the strait and narrow, well, that's when I line item retorted his ass.

The fellow from Australia called it “ad hominem” and if he's good at Latin, kudos to him, if not, kudos for remembering where he heard it from. Problem is, my Ausie counter part didn't go the extra mile and quantify my retorts. How did he “know” if I had committed a logical/informal fallacy or not.

What turned out to be a quantifiable ending to the debate, ended up being a squalling festival about Russ being a bad guy: pathetic? The “full of myself” and “narcissistic shit”, reports of name calling. You can imagine the list. Hell I already knew most of the list before logging back in, but the other stuff... At no time during the retort did I call anyone a name or slander anyone. I simply stuck to “facts”.

I guarantee you folks!!! At any time during the rebuking of the claims of my little ideologue, should I have claimed that his mom swallowed my load twice to get it all down... that his dad actually got his reach around... That “both” his sisters were actually satisfied, twice and under oath, said that I indeed kiss better than he did... and returned important family information to him that his grandma said “Hi”, but to also remind him... that he should take special notice when he got home because he might not recognize her, because I shaved her beard and bought her a new pipe...

COME ON FOLKS!!!! I really, really, REALLY would tell you; but I didn't do such a thing.

That's childish bullshit. Even though it may be funny stuff for a spring break Hollywood movie, nobody's hiring me to write for them, so why waste the keystrokes.

My point is this: these ideologue guys (and equally moronic uneducated kids) are quick to rally and slow to realize. So quick to “say” they'll learn and yet so fucking slow to “actually” learn. They “think” they have learned about either the subject at hand (or life or 'make something up') and answer about it in the forum, then when they have been corrected or shown the proper answer they want to revolt on you. So when you quantify - show them the proper procedure and how to get the proper answer; they call you a snob & want to cry, piss their pants and have pity parties about having bullshit themselves into believing what they've defined “right” be. [this is a little bit of a hard concept to under stand at first read]

I guess a piss poor example would be your kids watching a cartoon about the horrors of smoking. They then want to beat a self righteous drum 24/7 for their own indulgent reasons & whether you quit or not, they dance at the foot of your hospital bed when you get cancer as they fire up a Marlboro.

No, wait... that's the “self righteous little bastard” take... 

Well, it's not near to the level it needs to be, but it will serve as an example none the less... Kid asks dad to go to a friends house. Dad says not till homework is completed first. Kid usurps dad for the “mom's easier” kill shot. Mom licks child's ass and kid goes out to play, leaving homework unfinished. Later into the evening, dad looks in kids room to see open books and no kid working, makes the deduction. Argue ensues with mom over the ethics/morals of child's switch-a-roo, mom plays the “it'll get done” card with the "what's the big deal" - "hump your fist for a month" follow up. 

Despite mom or dad, the child skirted the responsibility.   Even if the kid gets the work done, they will say, "But I got the work done.."  "Claiming" the "right".  If they don't complete their work, despite the degree of completion, their decree will still be something to the effect, "But I got 'this much done..."  Thus, still claiming to be "right".  When it is obviously (no matter the ethical/moral definition) "wrong".

In today's society the child usually comes home, pushes the books back in the bag, turns on the TV and watches mom & dad ignore one another for the next couple of days while the frustrated teacher tries to motivate his/her students to actually take their education seriously. NOT always the rule, but certainly becoming that way more & more.

If you Bleed Hips don't believe me, go far enough out of your fucking district and ask some brave faculty how it really is. You'll be surprised to know you have an ideologue growing under the glow of your big screen in your family room right now.

Our youth is in a sorry fucking shape and delusional. I'm glad I'm not going to be alive to be there for it.

Now...  About that Zombie Apocalypse...

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  1. Kids these days [anyone 27 years and younger] have what I call "The Ratchet & Clank Disease"...

    What happens is these ideologue fuckers seem to think they can "shoot and loot" with all their prize money and accolades showering them as they pass from one level to another with their wombat and robot backpack as they blaze trails through the make-believe world of digital cum godliness.

    They literally and metaphorically "grab at the air" for those mystical bolts to come right into their hand as they flaccidly sit with their withered cerebral cortexes thinking answers and grande comeuppance will grace their jizz covered keyboards as they continue to sprawl snipes and gutter trash-talk at their chosen enemy.

    "Captialist Boy" sounds like somebody who just killed his wombat going up against The Big Boss.